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    3. [1]ancestry This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: jcady622 Surnames: Classification: queries Message Board: [2]Click here Message Board Post: What are you looking for? I did the FamilytreeDNA for the Y-DNA and they found 17 matches for my surname (There were more listed as private) On AncestryDNA they found nine cousins and many more distant relatives (6th cousin an greater). I believe this is mostly because they all listed family trees. My surname is 3200 out of 89,000 in the USA, and still it is misspelled and mispronounced most of the time. I read a few books on the subject and used Wikipedia, and it helped to know my roots. But, if you want to know your grandparents or before, the only thing you can do is get others to do their DNA. If you need help with the Cady surname, I might be able to help. Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board. [3]Contact Us [4]Online Help Please add [5] to your address book to make sure you don't miss an email. You are receiving this email because you have registered with Ancestry using the email address [6] Your privacy is important to us. View our [7]Privacy Statement for more information. Use of [8] is subject to our [9]Terms and Conditions. © 2016 [10]ANCESTRY.COM [11] Operations Inc. 1300 W Traverse Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043, USA References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. file://localhost/tmp/tmphhyL66.html 6. file://localhost/tmp/tmphhyL66.html 7. 8. file://localhost/tmp/tmphhyL66.html 9. 10. file://localhost/tmp/tmphhyL66.html 11. file://localhost/tmp/tmphhyL66.html

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