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    1. [BYLES] Fw: RootsWeb Announcement
    2. Diana Boothe
    3. <wearing my RootsWeb hat> Subject: [IMPORTANT] RootsWeb Upgrading to New Servers Beginning Monday, 10 June 2002, RootsWeb will begin the complex and time-consuming process of upgrading our servers to new hardware. o What does this mean for you? Well, it means some servers will be unavailable during this time and we are asking for your patience. For up-to-date information about the different resources, you can visit as the move progresses. o Web Pages: FTP will be down so that changes can't be made to pages until everything is working correctly on the new servers. There will be a short time that the pages will not be available as the transfer takes place. o List Administrators: When the time comes to move list servers, we will be halting operation on the machine to complete the move. We expect to have the machines down the least amount of time possible. No mail will be sent from or posted to your mailing lists. We do not expect to lose any messages. o Board Administrators: Nothing, unless your board happens to be gatewayed to a mailing list then the information for list administrators apply. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we go through a few "growing pains." - RootsWeb Staff AR-Archives Coordinator AR-Crawford County Coordinator AR-Sebastian County Coordinator AR-Stone County Coordinator VISIT OUR WEBPAGE!

    06/10/2002 03:04:39