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    2. April
    3. April wrote: > Is there anyone who can help me with the date of birth and parents > for FREDERICK G. BILES born in POWERSTOCK Dorset. > > In my long search for an Uncle FREDERICK BILES of my mother I searched > Army records and found the following, > > FREDERICK GEORGE BILES born Powerstock. No date given. > Private 10303. Died 10th August. 1915. Killed in action. at > Gallapoli. Where buried? > > He enlisted at Winchester to the HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT. 10th Battalion. > > Any info will be gladly received as I have been undoing a muddle that > my dear mum said was only one person, which should be for two > people. Would be wonderful. April > >

    07/03/2006 01:47:25