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    1. [BUT] Admin update - please read
    2. P & C Cook
    3. 1 Registration only mandatory for List admins/owners Further to my original message when RootsWeb mailing lists were re-activated under Mailman V3 ... Registration is optional for most subscribers - what registration does is allow the subscriber to manage all their list memberships in the one place. It also allows the subscriber to combine the list of memberships if they use (or have used) more than one email address. Also please note that the appearance of Green Advert Boxes on some of the RootsWeb pages is Ancestry related - RootsWeb lists and Query Boards remain free to use. Be aware that fees may be charged for some if not all of those services outside of RootsWeb. 2 List Archives Restoration of the old Archives for the lists has started, and those for this list were back to January 2012 at my last check. 3 Delays in Messages appearing in Lists At present the part of the system that bans attachments is broken, therefore until it is fixed, admins/owners need to approve all posts sent to the list. Being global, at some points of the 24 hour cycle the admins/owners will be sleeping, so the delay in approval may be hours rather than minutes. Thank you for your understanding. 4 Message footers Please remember to delete the now quite sizeable footer when replying to a message. Ancestry staff advise that all this information needs to be there so that list mail doesn’t get blacklisted. Regards Peter ButeshireGenWeb Admin/Owner

    04/07/2018 08:30:57