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    1. [BUT] Admin message : Rootsweb Mailman Software update
    2. P & C Cook
    3. Welcome to the “ButeshireGenWeb" mailing list now running under Mailman V3 Posting to the list is unchanged - send your email to: [email protected] As it may be a while before the old Archives are uploaded and available for searching, you may wish to repost your current Bute ‘brickwall’. ————————————————— If you haven’t done so already, under the updated Mailman system, in order to subscribe/unsubscribe, etc - all subscribers will need to use the link below and follow the guide to create an account - it requires a new password. This should be a once only step, no matter how many list subscriptions you have … This guide page includes a link to the "Sign Up" page. Please note the ‘exclusion’ statements in the guide, relating to what is available. I found it best to do the update with two browser windows open, so I could refer back to the guide/instructions. Note also that depending on the time of day, the email from Rootsweb for the confirmation process may come in immediately, or it may take quite a few minutes. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you have used more than one email address, then it appears you may be able to combine them under the one account … Go to "Account" under the dropdown list at your member name, then click on the "E-mail Addresses" tab. There is an “Add” option towards bottom of page. Caveat - this won’t work if you create separate accounts for individual e-mail addresses. ————————————————— To change your email address, to do a “Holiday turn off/turn back on" or to switch between Regular & Digest modes, click on the specific list name shown under “Mailman settings” from the drop-down, then the blue hyperlink “here” in the "Subscription / Unsubscription” section. ————————————————— To manage your account in future after logging out, go to … and use the "‘Login" option You will need your password to change your options for any of the lists to which you subscribe. If you have forgotten your password you will need to click on the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page. ————————————————— Finally, as Admin I can still, where necessary, assist with changes for the ButeshireGenWeb list. Regards Peter ButeshireGenWeb Admin

    03/08/2018 09:18:31