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    1. [BRENTZ] Thinking Caps...a bit offtopic ;)
    2. Lainee Denton
    3. Hiya everyone, If you have any favorite hints, tips, methods or ideas that you think might help others, share them. These could range anywhere from something you have learned through trial and error to an idea of something you have thought of but have never been able to put to the test yourself because you don't have the tools in your grasp that maybe someone else could actually make work. For me, I was constantly making notes on my copies of stuff I was getting, so I started making 10 copies of everything I got. The original (not necessarily a true original, but YOUR original) was then put up in a folder and the copies were used for notes. I know that most of you have something that works for you, and maybe you thought it would be offtopic for the list...well now you can send it. Lainee List Administrator _________________________________________________________________

    04/25/2003 09:01:14