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    1. Re: [BRENTZ] BRENTZ Digest, Vol 1, Issue 2
    2. Thanks for the info on the RootsWeb list--I know of the registration, but rarely use any of the Message Boards--and I do not have membership in Ancestry. Because of this, by the time I get back to them (usually over a year), they no longer are valid, but also because of limited time, I rarely refer to them. The list I do use is GenWeb. With many of my other contacts requiring passwords, the difficulty of keeping track of them is high. The queries and online replies do not require a password to read. As long as an e-mail address is included in the reply, I see no validity in requiring a password to answer a query. It may well, indeed, hinder valuable replies. There is no e-mail address for the submitter of this BRENTZ query. If it were listed--as all used to be--the reply would have gone directly to her/him with a copy to the BRENTZ list. Again, thank you for your interest and advice. I began researching relatives over 40 years ago, and became active about 35 years ago. I coordinated and instructed German research for nine years, actually because of my interest in the BRENTZ family. I no longer am active in this, but still feel the need to help those hunting their German roots. The best source I know is that of LDS's Branch Family History Library films. Any who wish to research the BRENTZ family personally (this should also include the WOLFHARDT family) can find them in the Duehren, Baden, church records. These are all in old German & some Latin, so be prepared for translation. Sharon A Huffman

    02/17/2007 01:49:37