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    1. [BRAZIL-BA] YOUDS family in Bahia
    2. KARL HELD
    3. > Is there anyone on this list that need any help with research from > anybody? > > There hasn't been much going on with this list for a while! > > Hoping to hear from you soon. > > Diane list admin Hi Diane, Still looking for anything on the YOUDS family from Liverpool in Bahia. John YOUDS (1769-1846) lived there prior to 1837, bought a house in 1824, was a chandler and probably also a slave trader. John had 3 sons and 2 daughters: Henry YOUDS (1813-1849) and James YOUDS (1805-1858), both businessmen born and died in Liverpool, are  recorded as having lived part of their lives in Bahia.  John YOUDS, born abt 1824 in Bahia, mother Narciza GANTOIS, was employed by  Gantois & Pailhet, rua d’Alfandega 93 (slave dealers) in 1844, when he was investigated by the British for his involvement with the slave ship  'Sooy'. As he was considered to be a Brazilian national he was not prosecuted. Nothing further is known about him, he probably remained in Brazil. Adele Elizabeth YOUDS (abt 1826-1872)  was born in Bahia, she married Charles James BENSON in Bahia in 1851, she died in Stretford. Julia YOUDS was born 1830 in Bahia, she married Ferdinand HERRMANN. Any further info would be greatly appreciated. Karl L Held Liverpool, UK John Youds senior:

    02/26/2012 04:03:31