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    1. [BRAZELTON] John Brazelton who married Sarah Justice
    2. Sue D
    3. Hi All, Starting out with a fresh post. To make a very long story short between family diaries, family tree building, marriage and census records and with solid DNA analysis, I have been able to create how I fit into a Brazelton Family who would descend from John Brazelton the immigrant. With the recent activity on this list, I don’t know if my pedigree got lost. I am reaching out in hopes of finding others who descend from this specific couple. My Rachel Brazelton b. abt. 1797 was conceived by a son of John Brazelton and Sarah Justice. They had from all accounts at least 5 daughters and one son John, who married Sarah Bradley. That part of the research is solid. Depending on the tree that you look at some report an Edward William and a William as additional sons. Edward William b. abt 1770 seems to have a wife Theresa whom he married in 1825 but I find no children of their union. Since he did not die until later I ruled him out as a husband of Sarah since Sarah is supposed to be a young widow after the death of her husband. A William is listed and there is no further info as to whom he might have married, where he moved to, nor died. There are no further details about him, so I call him my best potential subject. There is a William with same YOB who descends from another Brazelton line and some trees attach a death record for him in 1810, so I don’t know what is fact or fiction. The John/Sarah Bradley children are well documented. We know the mother of Rachel is Sarah but her maiden name is not yet known. When Sarah’s husband/father of Rachel died, Sarah then married William Ford in Guilford in Oct 1800. We know Jonathan Armfield signed the marriage board for their marriage. William Ford signed a bond for the marriage of Jonathan Armfield. I will have to research who he married as is he is not in my tree as I have not connected the Armfield’s via DNA. Lastly MY William Ford was the bondsman for the marriage of Margaret Brazelton who married Maskill/Maskell Jester. Margaret is a daughter of the couple in my pedigree John Brazelton and Sarah Justice. This connects the Brazeltons in a 2nd way to William Ford, husband of Sarah and stepfather to my Rachel. Rachel married William Viser. If you have DNA tested, especially at Ancestry, if you have a match to ANYONE in their tree with the name Viser then we are likely related even though you have yet to build your tree that far. All known Visers nowdays descend from our Andrew Viser the Immigrant from France. You enter the name Viser when you pull up your matches and hit the green search button. If you have none, than likely perhaps not, but if you have at least it is something worth exploring. I have solid DNA matches some of those who seem to descend from John B the Immigrant. My email address is [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>. I respond to all inquires I can. Sye

    08/07/2019 08:40:46