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    1. [BRAZELTON] Question about Length of Postings to Group
    2. William Lindsey
    3. I'm unclear about who moderates this group (and apologize for being unclear), and so I'm going to address my question to the group as a whole. I apologize if I'm slighting the moderator in doing so, and will be grateful for further information from any group member about whom I should contact — or information from group members in response to my question. My question is if there are word or length limits for postings that I should be aware of. I haven't been aware of any such limits, and apologize if my postings to the group (especially the last one I sent) have been too long. My reason for asking this question is that I have had an email this afternoon stating, "Please cut out what isn’t needed post anymore as it won’t be posted as system doesn’t allow posts of more than 40GB." Because this email makes no reference to any group of context for the request — and the request itself is not clear to me — I am not absolutely certain it's a request about my last posting to this Brazelton group. I do see, in googling the email address of the person who sent the request, that she belongs to at least some Rootsweb groups, though I'm not sure she's part of this particular group. I apologize if I have posted material that's too long, due to my ignorance of restrictions about length of postings. I will certainly cut long postings into pieces, if needed — am happy to do that. I welcome any information that might help me understand all of this. William D. Lindsey

    08/04/2019 05:15:48