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    1. [BRAZELTON] Re: Rachel Brazelton(1797-1866), daughter of Sarah MNU 1780-1852 and William Brazelton 1777-1800
    2. William Lindsey
    3. Sue, you're right: the ThruLines are not an instant solution to our complex genealogical problems — for the reason you state: in matching us to others who share our DNA and then reporting on why Ancestry thinks we match, Ancestry is often relying on misinformation others have submitted about their (and our) ancestry. It's necessary to be judicious in using that new tool and analyzing its results. To me, it looks as if you have done a very good job of putting together your own particular puzzle. I will look and see if I can find more to assist you, too.  A note about the Guilford College Quaker archives: their website is  here: LibGuides: Quaker Archives: Welcome | | | | LibGuides: Quaker Archives: Welcome Creating educational opportunities through Quaker and College documentary resources. Web page and introductory i... | | | On the page I just linked, if you click the link (left side of page) entitled "Quaker Records" and then, on the page that opens up after you click that link, click "Quaker Genealogy," you'll find a very good explanation of how "meetings" functioned in Quaker communities. There were several levels of meetings, from monthly to quarterly to yearly. These meetings can be very rich sources of genealogical information. Not only do they tell you, for instance, the names and dates of birth of children born to Quaker couples, dates of death and dates of marriage, but they also record why people were excluded from Quaker meetings, what they did to be excluded, etc. They also help pinpoint when someone or a family moved from one meeting to another, an important piece of information with the Braselton/Brazelton families who were Quakers, several of whom moved from Maryland down to Guilford County, North Carolina, and then went west to other Quaker meetings in western North Carolina and Tennessee and on into the Midwest. The problem with accessing these meeting records is that you have to make a visit to the archives, since I don't think most or any of them have been digitized. It has been some years since I did research on the Brazeltons in those records at the Guilford College Quaker Archives, and my memory is fuzzy about what kind of finding aids existed then — and others may be available now. I recall that I had some specific notes about members of the family of William Brazelton and Sarah Shepherd who had been excluded from their Quaker meeting, with dates attached, and so it wasn't very difficult to find the pages in the meeting records I needed to see. As I have mentioned previously, I don't think I did any research at that time regarding John Brazelton and Sarah Justice and their family, and I suspect the reason for that was that, at that point, I was accepting the claim of some of the historians of the Quaker communities in Guilford County that John was not a Quaker. Now I'm not so sure. I think the early Friends in Guilford County assumed John was not a Quaker because it appears he was serving in some local militia at the time he was killed, supposedly by local Tories. As you know, Quakers are supposed to be pacifists. But I've found some evidence that John's brother William, who was very definitely a Quaker and remained a Quaker to the end of his life, was assisting the Revolutionary cause in Guilford County, and was not entirely removed from the military campaign to overthrow British rule. This makes me think it's possible John actually was a Quaker, too. I know for sure most of his family members were. I'd love any and all information you'd like to share with me. In case it might help you or others, I'll post the bits and pieces of information I know about your John. I don't think they will solve your particular genealogical problem, but they may have clues that will help or interest you. William D. Lindsey On Friday, August 2, 2019, 12:50:35 PM CDT, Sue D <> wrote: Thank you William.  I did realize you mentioned a Guilford College ( different from Guilford County).  I just mentioned I had exhausted what I was able to find online.  I failed to mentioned I was unaware there was a Guilford College and yes I will be pursing that next. Next to no one knows my Rachel exists.  There are multiple Rachel Brazeltons ( 3 inside the Fredrick/Guildford ones, all born mid to late 1790s) from this family and most trees attribute MY Rachel to the wrong set of parents. John and Sarah Bradley had a Rachel, my William and Sarah MNU had a Rachel. The Brazelton/Bradley family settled and died in Illinois.  My line settled in Texas and died there.  Geography alone would  sort out they are not one in the same family.  My Rachel is an only child, where as the other Rachel was one of 10/11 children she married a different man, had 3? children and died young. So my ThruLines are not perfect because of a lot of tree mixup issues.  I have to ignore the ones with the incorrect pedigree.  Convincing others my tree is the more accurate pedigree has pretty much gone nowhere.  But I persevere. I work with what I do have that I know is to be correct and dismiss the rest. Thanks again for your expertise and direction.  If you are interested in any of this family, I can clue you in, just a bit. Sue -----Original Message----- From: William Lindsey Sent: Friday, August 2, 2019 11:40 AM To: Subject: [BRAZELTON] Re: Rachel Brazelton(1797-1866), daughter of Sarah MNU 1780-1852 and William Brazelton 1777-1800 Sue, thank you for the clarification. Yes, I had understood that you think it's very likely that Rachel is a daughter of John Brazelton and Sarah Justice. I think you've put the pieces of the puzzle together very convincingly, and understand why you'd also want to find further documented verification. It was the Quaker Archives at Guilford College I was recommending. I've found some very good information in them about the family of John's brother William — pieces of information I haven't found elsewhere. To the best of my recollection, I don't think I looked for information about the family of John Brazelton and Sarah Justice when I visited those archives in the past. I'm wondering if there might be information about the children of John and Sarah in those archives, especially in minutes from monthly meetings and quarterly meetings. William D. Lindsey     On Friday, August 2, 2019, 10:58:41 AM CDT, Sue D <> wrote: William, Let me make sure I am crystal clear.  Through DNA testing and ThruLines it seems apparent and obvious to my eyes that either the mother or the father of my Rachel was biologically a child of a Brazelton.  I pondered if Sarah was a Brazelton by birth but inside the family of John and Sarah there really isnt a spot for her to fit in the birth order.  I did not automatically decide her dad was a Brazelton, I was open to either parent being the Brazelton source. The marriage record of Sarah Brazelton marrying William Ford leads me to think Sarah's name was Brazelton by marriage.  That further supports the claim in the family diary that Rachel's mother was Mrs. Ford who was a young widow when she married Mr. Ford.  Does one refer to a widow in referring to a woman who was not married at the time?? So what I am left with are bits and pieces.  What I feel fairly confident about is that Rachel's father is a son of John Brazelton and Sarah Justice. It seems they had children from 1770-1781, depending on the tree you look at could be as many as 8 if you include all 3 sons. My aunt has a 55cMs segment of DNA to match who descends from a daughter of John and Sarah.  So with that much DNA at the distance it would be, the DNA link is solid.  When I compare shared matches at Ancestry many of them with public trees take me to a "child" within the John B Sarah Justice family unit.  That is what convinced me I was in the right immediate family unit. So I feel confident I have a proper set of grandparents for Rachel, but I have yet to find the paper proof I would need to show it is a slam dunk. I did pursue what I could find online, in the Quaker records and came up empty.  I did look at the Guilford County website but since I don’t have a surname for Sarah I cant narrow down the field of possible surnames.    I have William as a placeholder in my tree for the time being.  I know I am in the ballpark for sure. I appreciate your assistance. -----Original Message----- From: William Lindsey Sent: Friday, August 2, 2019 9:31 AM To: Subject: [BRAZELTON] Re: Rachel Brazelton(1797-1866), daughter of Sarah MNU 1780-1852 and William Brazelton 1777-1800 Sue, this is fascinating information. I wish I had some pieces of information to send you, but haven't done sufficient research on this family. I have visited the grave of John (1741-1781) at Springfield Friends' meeting house in Guilford County, and saw both the current gravestone marking his grave and the earlier one that was, when I went there, stored under the meeting house. A lady who was giving tours at that time kindly showed me the old stone under the meeting house. I don't seem to have a record of John's and Sarah's sons Edward and William, so you have material I don't have — you obviously know a lot more about that family than I do, I should say. One thought: there are really good archives at Guilford College. They have a lot of the old Quaker records (or copies of them) from that region. I wonder if more is to be found about William and his brothers in those records. My understanding is that the Quaker community in Guilford County has long thought John Brazelton was not a Quaker, but his children and wife Sarah surely do seem to have been — and John's brother William, who also moved from Frederick County, Maryland, to Guilford County, North Carolina, was definitely a Quaker and continued to be one up to the end of his life in Jefferson County, Tennessee. The records of the monthly and quarterly meetings often have valuable genealogical information in them — more than is transcribed in indexed like Hinshaw's index to Quaker records — and I'm wondering if you might find some more information about John and Sarah's sons in them. Just a thought. William D. Lindsey     On Thursday, August 1, 2019, 10:21:14 PM CDT, Sue D <> wrote: Hi William and Brazelton researchers. I am going to toss my information out here while others are doing so also. My Rachel Brazelton was b. 1796/7 in NC she d. in TX in 1866.  Her mother, Sarah is thought to have been born in abt. 1779/80 in NC.  Rachel marries William Viser, most likely in 1814/5, since most of the family was in MontgomeryCo, TN at the time, we presume there. From a family diary we 'believe' Sarah married a Mr. Brazelton, had Rachel, an only child, and then he died.  The family diary refers to Sarah being a young widowThen Mrs. Sarah Brazelton married a William Ford in Oct.1800. The marriage to Ford took place in GuilfordCo, NC.  A Jonathan Armfield signed the marriage bond with William Ford.  Ralph Gonnell also signed it but it seems he had GuilfordCo, NC elected position of some kind. Based on the DNA testing of several of my family members,who are immediate, 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins,  I have been able to determine that the father of Rachel Brazelton would be a son of John Brazelton b. 1741 d. 1781 and Sarah Justice b. 1752.  John died at the hands of the Torries at the Battle of Guilford House during the American Revolution.  John and Sarah had at least 8 children of which three were sons, Edward b. 1770, John b. 1776 and William b. 1777.  Edward may have married Thersa Adams and moved to KY?? John married Sarah Bradley ( daughter of William Bradley and Rachel Farmer) and moves to Vermillion, IL They have 10 children?.  Our best guess is William is the father of my Rachel.  He is the only male who is named in several trees and seems to just "disappear" off the radar.  Sarah then married Alexander Ferguson and likely had a son.  I have been provided a copy of a will for Sarah Justice Brazelton Ferguson. My brick wall is the wife of William Brazelton.  We know she is Sarah. There is no marriage record for William B. and Sarah.  After Sarah marries William Ford they move to TN, likely the DavidsonCo, TN area.  William Ford and other male relatives ( Visers and Fowlers)  are found in W. of 1812  in Bryans, Bradleys and Halls units.  William and Sarah have 4 Ford sons in TN before settling in TX where in 1852 Sarah dies. I am most interested in hearing from anyone who descends from the children of John Brazelton and Sarah Justice.  I have solid DNA matches to children of John and Sarah, siblings of John and siblings of Sarah.  That is how I am able to deduce I am in looking inside the proper family unit.  The are known to have only 3 sons. If John and Sarah Justice Brazelton are in your pedigree I welcome hearing from you, especially if you have any information that would be of help in my research. Sue -----Original Message----- From: William Lindsey Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2019 7:04 PM To: Subject: [BRAZELTON] Hannah Green, Wife of Jacob Braselton (1749-1835) My contribution to keeping the valuable Brazelton list alive: For a long time, it has been thought that Hannah Green, who married Jacob, son of John Brazelton, about 1773, was the daughter of Duff Green and Ann Willis of Virginia. My research on Hannah's origins has led me to conclude that she's very certainly the daughter of Henry Green and his wife Elizabeth of  Baltimore Co., Maryland, and Granville Co., North Carolina. Henry was born about 21 March 1729, the date of his baptism in St. Paul's Episcopal parish, Baltimore. He died in Granville County sometime before February 1810. Henry died testate, and his will does not name a daughter Hannah. Nor is a daughter Hannah among the children of Henry and Elizabeth who are recorded in St. Paul's parish in the 1750s and 1760s. However, there are other known children of Henry and Elizabeth who are also not in the St. Paul's baptismal register. There are a lot of very strong indicators that Hannah was Henry's daughter. Henry and Elizabeth had moved over to Frederick Co., Maryland, where the Brazeltons lived at the time when Jacob Brazelton and Hannah Green are thought to have married. Henry's parents were William Green and Hannah Haile, so it seems likely this is where Hannah Green Braselton's name came from. Jacob and Hannah moved to Granville Co., North Carolina, with Henry and his family, and there's much interaction between the two families in the records of Granville County. These folks left Maryland after Henry's son Job was imprisoned by the Committee of Safety in Maryland for using his ship to run goods through embargo lines — so it was alleged — to the British in the West Indies. Hannah's date of birth as recorded in Jacob Brazelton's bible — 8 April 1757 — fits right into the list of Henry and Elizabeth Green's known children, between Job, who was baptized 31 March 1755 in St. Paul's parish in Baltimore, and Nicholas, who was born about 1758. Jacob and Hannah Green Brazelton named their first son John, which was the name of Jacob's father. Their next child was a daughter whom they named Elizabeth. The third child was a son whom they named Henry. They named another of their sons Job Green Braselton. Ancestry's new ThruLines reports show me matching five proven descendants of Henry and Elizabeth Green's son William, who is named in Henry's will and also listed as a son of Henry and Elizabeth when he was baptized in St. Paul's parish in Baltimore on 20 April 1750. I think there's compelling reason to conclude that Jacob Braselton's wife Hannah Green was a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Green of Baltimore Co., Maryland, and Granville Co., North Carolina. William D. Lindsey _______________________________________________ This list is adoptable. If you would like to volunteer to adminster this list, click here: _______________________________________________ Email preferences: Unsubscribe Privacy Statement: Terms and Conditions: Rootsweb Blog: RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal RootsWeb community _______________________________________________ This list is adoptable. 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