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    1. [BOSNIA-AND-HERZEGOVINA] Family Records in Sarajevo
    2. Bastian Dornbach via
    3. Dobar dan! I wrote one month ago because I needed help to receive some family records from Mostar. Thankfully, I got in contact with a very nice man at the catholic church in Mostar. He sent me all records I needed. And even more. I know now that I need to look for more information about my ancestors in Sarajevo. Does anyone have experience contacting the catholic church in Sarajevo? I wrote twice to the cathedrale ([email protected]) but did not get an answer yet. Does anyone know of a genealogist in Sarajevo who can help me finding the records? Furthermore, are there even records from around 1885 available? I read that the cathedrale wasn't even finished during that time. Where did people go to get baptized or getting married back then? So it's one question solved, five new questions raised... Any help or information is greatly appreciated! Bastian

    06/30/2015 08:36:47