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    1. [BOICE] Boice mailing list is back in operation
    2. Mary D. Taffet
    3. Hello subscribers, You may be aware that some time ago, most of Rootsweb was taken offline so that the software, and perhaps the hardware, running the various resources could be upgraded.  The mailing lists have been back for a while now, under new mailing list software. For this new system, you will have to re-register in order to send a message to the mailing list, unless you have already done so since March.  Instructions for re-registering can be found here: <> The old mailing list archives will be restored at some point, but once there are new messages to archive, the new mailing list archive will be created and functional. I invite all mailing list subscribers to post their research interests for the Boice surname. -- Mary D. Taffet     List admin for BOICE mailing list

    04/07/2018 07:26:30