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    1. [BOICE] Link to a message board post with subject line "William John Boice...or Boyce"
    2. Mary D. Taffet via
    3. Hello subscribers, Due to a major change in how message board posts are formatted and sent via email, the gatewayed message board posts that are now being addressed to the mailing lists are no longer being delivered easily. Until the system gets changed so that it can handle the new message format of emailed message board posts, I have little choice but to simply post a link to any new message board posts here to the list. The following link: <> leads to a message with the subject line "William John Boice...or Boyce". If you wish to read the message, please click on the link. Hopefully they'll get this sorted out eventually... -- Mary D. Taffet List admin for BOICE

    06/13/2015 12:45:11