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    2. In a message dated 11/19/00 9:37:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes: > To generate a bit of traffic on the list can I suggest we email in details > of our interests in the Biltcliffe's. To start the ball rolling here's > mine. > > Greetings! My name is Dominic-Martin, OSB. I am a Benedictine priest in the Old Catholic Church. Dominic is my monastic name. I was born Tod Biltcliffe in Keene New Hampshire, USA. My interest in the list is to learn possibly about other Biltcliffe's from New Britain Connecticut area which I am told is were my Grandfathers family is from. Dominic -Martin, OSB Right Reverend Dominic-Martin (Biltcliffe), OSB American Congregation of the Order of Saint Benedict

    11/19/2000 01:22:38