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    1. Re: Biltcliffe - YKS, LAN
    2. Hi, Thanks for your note. We finally did find John Biltcliff and Ann at 78 Margaret St. , Ashton-under-Lyne, in the 1851 census. With them were children Isaac, George, Elizabeth, Jane, John, Ann, James and Ellen. I also had baptisms for son Isaac and dau. Sarah Ann. AS this is where Bilcliffe/Biltcliffe, etc. entered my line,I have not traced back, but another correspondent, Margaret Grinnell, said that she believes this John may have been the son of Isaac Biltcliffe and Lydia Wainright, citing land tax searches she did. These Bilcliffe cousins of mine seem to have up and left the area, as I can find very little of them after this. Perhaps emigrated. Bev

    04/28/2002 01:25:32