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    1. Re: Bilcliffe's in Glass Houghton in 17th century
    2. tracy.walker4
    3. Hi everyone Please accept my apologies, I havent introduced myself to this list. I thought that I had until, after posting the above message, I had a look at the archive messages! My husband's grandmother was Mary Alice Biltcliffe. She had siblings Ben, Ross Emily and Amy Biltcliffe. As far as I know they were all born in Wilsden. I haven't as yet found out the names of their parents, but have found Biltcliffes in Wilsden censuses. 1901 1 Club Row, Wilsden George Biltcliffe, 70, draper, born Denby Dale Jesse Biltcliffe, 66, born Scotland 1901 Albion Mill Fold, Wilsden William Metcalf, 38, weaver worsted, born Yorks Morton Ellen J Metcalf, 36, spinner worsted, born Wilsden Bernard Metcalf, 15, born Wilsden Joseph Metcalf, 13, born Wilsden Ernest Metcalf, 9, born Wibsey Eva Metcalf, 1, Born Bradford Joseph Biltcliffe, father in law, widow, 62, twisted cotton warp, born Denby Dale 1891 141 main St, Wilsden George Biltcliffe, 60, stuff manufacturer, b Pennistone Jesse Biltcliffe, 59, dressmaker, b Scotland 1861 Scott Buildings, Wilsden Charles Biltcliffe, 27, overlooker of worsted weavers, b Denby Dale Ann Biltcliffe, 32, draper, b Ossett Sarah Jane Biltcliffe, 5, b Wilsden Charlotte Biltcliffe, 2, b Wilsden Julia Biltcliffe, 6mths, b Wilsden Sarahj Ann Brack (?) sister in law, 27, weaver, Ossett Thomas Biltcliffe, brother, 24, overlooker of worsted weavers, b Denby Dale Are George Joseph Charles and Thomas all brothers? I would imagine that Mary Alice is descended from one of these but have yet to get to the archives to check, but will! Do any of these match what you have? Tracy Researching: CAMPY, HARPER,WILBY ,LOCKWOOD, NORBURY,DAY, VARLEY and many more!.... From Spaldington, Castleford, North Cave, Wakefield, Wilsden

    03/20/2002 09:15:19