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    1. Bilcliffe's in Glass Houghton in 17th century
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    3. Hi everyone Found in old book on Castleford and District in olden times The chief families of Houghton (this was what the present day Glass Houghton used to be called) during the 17th century were the Bilcliffes, Sudburys, Flemings and the leakes. The 16th century Manor House (parts of which still existed at the time the book was published in 1904) was the residence of Richard Bilcliffe, Esq., a devoted royalist, who fought for King Charles, and took a prominent part in the defence of Pontefract Castle against the parliamentary army. During the first seige, and just after the garrison had been releived by Sir Marmaduke Langdale in 1645, Bilcliffe in charge of the Houghton volunteers, supported by 500 cavalry under the command of Langdale Sunderland, of Featherstone, was encamped at Houghton, when Fairfax, at the head of the regiment of roundheads, effected a night surprise, and after a sharp skirmish routed the royalists, seizing all their munitions of war, and capturing most of Sunderlands horses. Subsequently Bilcliffe joined the defenders of the castle, and was present when the garrison capitulated some months later. The "Northowran Register" contains lists of suspected Popish Recusants. Under date January 1680, we find the names of the following residents of Houghton as "suspects":- "Thomas Prince and Anne his wife, Margaret Bilcliffe, Mary Bilcliffe ye elder, Mathew Bilcliffe, Anne Bilcliffe and Thomas ffleminge; also Anne Norton and Sarah Atak of Castlefurth, John Grocoke, Elizabeth Grocoke, ffrancis Johnson and Ann Coplin of Kippax" These were cited to appear at the Doncaster sessions, January 1682. Tracy Researching: CAMPY, HARPER,WILBY ,LOCKWOOD, NORBURY,DAY, BILTCLIFFE, VARLEY and many more!.... From Spaldington, Castleford, North Cave, Wakefield, Wilsden.....

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