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    1. Message from list owner
    2. Damian Fox
    3. Hi everybody, To generate a bit of traffic on the list can I suggest we email in details of our interests in the Biltcliffe's. To start the ball rolling here's mine. I'm interested in finding information about the Biltcliffe's from West Yorkshire, in particular the Cumberworth/Denby Dale areas from 1750's onwards. If you have any information that you think might be helpful I'd be very pleased to hear from you. All the best, Damian Damian Fox EMAIL: WWW:

    11/19/2000 07:37:18
    1. John Billcliffe 1788-1850
    2. John Grinnell
    3. Does anybody have any information about John Billcliffe (carpenter) of Thurlstone, Nr Sheffield UK, son of Ann Billcliffe & probably illegitimate. He was born 1788, baptised 14/11/1788, probably married Hannah Waggstaff, and died Feb 9 1850 aged 62. To further my research into the history of my house, I need to know what relation he was (if any) to another John Billcliffe (blacksmith) of Thurlstone, son of Isaac Billcliffe and Lydia or Sylvia Wainwright and possibly married to Ann Heaton. The two John Billcliffes and possibly a third John Billcliffe (wheelwright) married to Amelia Mosley were around Thurlstone in the early part of the 19th century. Any information would be welcome.

    05/27/2000 10:04:24
    1. Biltcliff name
    2. Biltcliff
    3. I am researching the surname "Biltcliff". My family records date back to 1850 in Sheffield, England. I do not have any information beyond that. The first names "Joseph", "Arthur", and "Thomas" appear throughout my family tree. If anyone has information or suggestions to help in my search, please let me know. Thank you.

    03/30/2000 03:30:54
    1. BELCLIFFE Stephen; SRY,ENG; d. 1796
    2. STREETER Thomas; Nutfield,SRY,ENG; 1700-1833 STREETER William; Bletchingly,SRY,ENG; 1700-1823 BASHFORD Stephen; SRY,ENG; 1750-1850 BELCLIFFE Stephen; SRY,ENG; d. 1796 PETERS Thomas; SRY,ENG; 1750-1850 I am seeking all ancestors and descendants of the BASHFORD, BELCLIFFE, PETERS, and STREETER families documented below. I have a tremendous amount of information to share regarding potential connections to my STREETER ancestors. Please direct your replies directly to me; I may or may not be currently subscribed to the list on which you are reading this message. Perry Streeter ( Listowner, RootsWeb Sponsor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My direct ancestor, Richard STREETER, belonged to a Baptist congregation that met at Turners Hill near East Grinstead, Sussex in the neighboring parish of Worth. In the following paragraphs, numerous extractions are provided from the original Turners Hill Minute Book (Dr. Williams Library, London, England, hereinafter THMB). The minute book contains several membership lists; the first list indicates when Richard STREETER and others joined the congregation: 10 June 1753 Richard STREATER 8 July 1753 Thos STREATER 1756 Wm STREETER, His Wife Dyed 1758 Brother Thomas STREATER often hosted meetings, first at Enhams in Horley, Surrey, then at Cogmans in Burstow, Surrey and finally at Shepherds in Nutfield, Surrey. There was more than one Thomas STREATER in the congregation over time; a Thomas STREETER is last cited in the THMB on 9 June 1833. In 1760, another roster of membership was recorded in the minutes. In the following entries, the notes in parentheses were added at some later date: Thomas STREETER (Sence Dead) & Sara his Wife Rich. STREETER (Dyed Decr 1764) Wm STREETER (Sens Dead) & his wife (Died April 1768) On 25 July 1775, another membership roster was recorded: 5 October 1780 Eliz STRETR 30 September 1781 Wm STREETER Sarah STREETER [illegible] [BELCLIFFE?] (now the wife of Wm STREETER) On 15 April 1784, another list was recorded to update the minute book: Eliz STREATER now Wife of Stepn BASHFORD William STREATER and his wife Sarah STREATER (now wife of Thos PETERS) On 14 May 1793, the catalog of membership included the following entries: William STREATER (dead) Sarah his Wife (dead) Stephen BASHFORD (Dead) Elizabeth his Wife (died 1801) Sarah the wife of Thomas PETERS (died 1805) Stephen BELCLIFFE (d. July 1796) The last membership roster in the THMB includes the following entries: Wm STREATER (Died 28 Jan 1823; bur. Bletchingly [Surrey] at Burstows) Sarah his Wife (Died 1839) Stephen BASHFORD (Dead)

    09/07/1999 09:36:51
    1. Message from list owner
    2. Damian Fox
    3. Biltcliffe Mailing List. Just a quick note to introduce myself, I'm Damian Fox and I'm the listwoner for this list. I'm interested in tracing my Biltcliffe ancestors which I've so far traced to the late 1700's in West Yorkshire (UK). I' don't have 'masses' of information available about the Biltcliffe's but I'd be happy to share what I do have. I look forward to hearing from you if I can be of any help. Damian Damian Fox EMAIL: WWW:

    09/06/1999 02:33:37