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    1. [BEWS] End of BEWS Mailing List at Ancestry
    2. Ancestry is closing ALL of its Mailing Lists on March 2.  ONLY the past messages [called the List Archives] will remain viewable in the future.  ALL Message Boards, however, will remain open as usual. There are no 'new' Mailing Lists being made by Ancestry to replace the current ones expiring now.  Each Listowner [Manager] can begin a new List somewhere else on the internet if they are able to, however that is a task that is difficult to complete for many current Listowners including myself. There is a website called that some of the Listowners have mentioned as a place they are going to start up a Mailing List like Rootsweb had for their surnames of interest or locations.  I will be starting a Groups List for some of the surnames I have an interest in however not all have been active for several years, there are no subscribers for many of the surname Lists I formerly managed.  This Bews List had only 3 subscribers and that was over 2 years ago.  I will get a few of these surname Lists started this week at however it won't be all.  Anyone reading this will need to go to the homepage [] and look above the elephant herd picture on the left side of blue bar for the clickable phrase Find Or Creat A Group. A new page will then appear with a box on the left side showing topics, one is a search By Name.  Enter Bews [or any other surname you might be researching] and see if any Group has been created yet. Joining is FREE and it seems to be a bit more user friendly than before.  Please read Dick Eastman's blurb on the Ancestry shutdown of these Lists and how works... Tiny URL is this... Its a rather long discussion though it quikly covers a lot of needed topics for internet users and explains options other than signing up at  To subscribe, basically you find the Bews Group [after I set it up, it will show upon searching for Bews surname] The surname page has a tab or button to click saying you want to JOIN it.  Of course a Password and eMail address are going to be needed by then to complete the sign up. You receive a welcoming eMail and learn how to send comments, questions, pictures and data to the List and how to UNsubscribe later.  Consider starting a surname group for any of your own family names. I do hope this small group of ours gets active again and that will be a safe, sincere and simple solution to losing the Mailing Lists.  I will post to the new BEWS List once it gets started.  Hope we get some new subscribers !  Meg Greenwood / Former Admin for Ancestry's Bews Mailing List =========================================================

    03/01/2020 03:48:26
    1. [BEWS] Rootsweb BEWS List up and running again - how to get started
    2. BEWS List subscribers - Rootsweb has daily been getting the Mailing Lists up and running again ! Not without glitches but its happening. There are over 32,000 RootsWeb Mailing Lists with more than 9200 list Administrators.  Rootsweb has asked for us to understand this will all be back up and running like before....but not immediately.  I am Meg Greenwood, the Admin for the BEWS list since before the shutdown in 2016. One new REQUIRED step will be that EACH of you will need to register ONCE to Rootsweb and that will service ALL Lists you were subscribed to, no matter what kind of Mailing List - regional, surname, topic or any other.  Doing that will automatically update your eMail address for all Lists you were subscribed to.  You will need to invent a PASSWORD. That does not need to be used when you Post, its only for the Rootsweb Registration. The eMail address can be the same one you had but does not need to be if you want to use a different address. New security measures have required each person to essentially say 'Yes, I want to still get Rootsweb posts and here is my official reply confirming it is ME". To get that done, you will need to go to the URL below and follow the instructions there IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS ALREADY.  If you do NOT want to remain a subscriber to this List, you can UNsubscribe there.  You only need to do this ONCE for Rootsweb- not once for every List - making sure that's clear. ONE and DONE. If you haven't done this since March 1 this year, start at this page and follow a few steps to get updated..... There are EIGHT numberd items.  Numbers 1-4 are for you to give an eMail address and a password to SIGN UP, Rootsweb fires off an eMail to you, you read it and clik the link they have sent which is the CONFIRMATION. They then ask you to SIGN IN to see all Lists you are currently be subscribed to.  Steps 5-7 get your Lists managed as you would like Posts to arrive to you [single Posts or a larger Digest of several Posts]. Our List has very few subscribers, Digests are not as needed as they might be with a 'Smith' or 'London' List subscription.  Step 8 is where you can UNsubscribe to a List if you don't need it any longer. You can still read all Posts in its Archives [give it some time] but not POST again unless subscribed. RootsWeb has carefully constructed its own pages specifically for getting your Lists up and ready to Post again which is what Listowners are attempting to do with all the Lists they manage. Its below, see if questions you might have are answered there.... We are a small List but hopefully posting will begin again soon with queries, facts on our relatives, suggestions for websites with BEWS information, data or pictures and any other BEWS news.  Remember that this List cannot accept attachments, only typed text although we can post links to other websites with pertinent genealogy information.  All spam or non topic information will be deleted from the List Archives [Archives are all previous Posts since the List began] and hopefully spam gets caught before it gets to you. Currently there are many Surname Lists activated again but few have their Archives restored, that will be happening in the upcoming weeks.  You do not need to be subscribed to a List to search its Archives, anyone can search the Archives of ANY Rootsweb Mailing List by going to its homepage and clikking the link for its Archives with choices to Browse or Search old messages there.  Its only necessary to Subscribe to a List to POST.  Here are all the Lists available to join : Message Boards are a different matter, they are not all up and working yet, more time is needed there. Write with comments....I will most likely Post my reply to the List so others can read it.  By default, our eMail addresses are not seen on Posts anymore, am not sure you can see the Admin address either, so write to me at [email protected] WELCOME BACK and start whenever you are ready [after Registering] by Posting who your ancestors were and where they lived with any family history questions you need help with....Meg G in Oklahoma USA ======================================================

    04/06/2018 08:29:31
    1. [BEWS] Rootsweb Lists hit by spam
    2. In case you are subscribed to some of the Rootsweb Mailing Lists that are busier than the BEWS List, you may have seen a barrage of spam in the past 2 days hitting the Lists. Its being worked on and was due to changes/upgrades in Lists and a back door was opened allowing lots of spam to hit the larger Lists. Please ignore it and do not click on links, Rootsweb is working on the problem as so much has inundated subscribers' Inboxes, literally everything has been offered from foreign females to insurance. Give it some time, use your DELETE key liberally and do not forward it without snipping the link/s. Many thanks for your patience ! Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA / Admin for BEWS List Sending this to other Lists I have ========================

    08/14/2016 06:41:32
    1. [BEWS] Changes for Posts to Rootsweb Mailing Lists
    2. Changes to Posts to Rootsweb Mailing Lists BEWS Listmembers..... You may have noticed on other Lists that Rootsweb has changed the way the SENDER of a Post is shown. The goal is to keep the Lists safer from hacking, spam receipt and other invasion related problems Lists have had in past months. The changes seem to pretty much be done, however its likely to be an ongoing process with new defenses coming and going. All your current and future Posts will be sent as you have always done with the eMail addresses you've always used. Receiving Posts has not changed. Just watch carefully when you construct a REPLY to make sure it goes to the right place.....the actual SENDER or the LIST. Since many of us have differing eMail software, the way the message headings are shown can be radically different from patron to patron. For now, the SENDER is still visible but not exactly as before. Rootsweb now shows several headings including Sender, Receiver and List Name but may show more items like Reply To and CC [carbon copy, means 'also sent to']. When you hit REPLY to send an answer to any Post you may have read, just watch to see what ADDRESS it is going to. It may be the actual SENDER who personally is getting your reply, or it may be the LIST itself that is getting your reply. BEFORE the changes, the SENDER was a PERSON...someone who Posted a message to a Rootsweb Mailing List. NOW, the SENDER is considered to be the LIST you are subscribed to. the robot computer that does all the sorting and sending to the various Lists and Message Boards is sending your post, it makes a big difference in how to keep toxic bits out of the Lists and out of Rootsweb in general. For the 16 Lists I Admin, a REPLY is set up to go to the entire LIST. It will stay that way........just watch to be sure a personal message isn't going to the whole List Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA/ List Admin for BEWS Send queries to me here..... [email protected] Search Mailing Lists here ...... You do NOT need to be subscribed to READ posts in any List, just to POST. Excuse the CAPS, they are to focus on the changes. ====================================

    07/26/2014 06:25:09
    1. [BEWS] From List Admin, dealing with spam at Rootsweb
    2. BEWS Listmembers, you've probably seen more spam hit the Mailing Lists at Rootsweb recently. They are formatted all pretty much the same and are all SPAM ! They all begin with a benign greeting like 'Hi !' Or 'Get a load of this !' and then a URL usually in blue as an active hyperlink. Not much if anything after that. If you READ the letters and symbols in the link, you can usually detect some words that are not normally included in PROPER eMails. DVD, TV, Cars, Watches, Condominiums, Free Money if you send shipping costs, plus more new avenues of making money hand over fist [you bet] are what is being offered, those words are occasionally viewable in the URL. Don't get sucked in....if you WANT to clik it, the spam has done its job !!! These are always deleted from the Archives of every Mailing List that is hit but it takes time. I am the Administrator of a few small surname Lists so the chances of having someone's eMail address book HIJACKED is very slim.....but its been happening at a faster rate in the past few days. BE ON THE WATCH for suspect eMails and DO NOT FORWARD THEM BACK TO ANY LIST evern if you are asking about it. DELETE it right away. Then you can ask the person who sent it if they really did send it. If you feel you MUST have some of the infected site in the eMail, PLEASE REMOVE PART OF THE URL. That makes it ineffective and it will not send anyone else who gets it to any website whether its legit or not. All of the Lists I 'own' are very small and I hope no subscribers are hijacked but we have to remain watchful, sometimes computers are shared and unsuspecting people see these and clik them. That puts you at risk of infection by malware too. Just DELETE it. DON'T GO to it. If it turns out to be legitimate and someone sent a REAL genealogical website in that format with no explanation, just the URL, they deserve being deleted. You can get the URL again from the List Archives if its OK. Use the Homepage for that Rootsweb Mailing List and select BROWSE to get all posts in date order. Just give it a few days to be REMOVED so you won't clik on the offending link. Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA / Admin of the BEWS List ================================================

    09/23/2012 08:54:48
    1. [BEWS] Bews List has been moved-over successfully
    2. Greenwood
    3. 'Yellow Box" page with information about changeover : Rootsweb has changed the BEWS list to NEW servers beginning now. Everyone should have received a notice of the changeover, hopefully it will go smoothly. OLD address [email protected] NEW address [email protected] If you use AOL - I apologize, but there may be a temporary delay in receiving Posts, its Aol’s problem, not Rootsweb’s. Make sure you check spam filters and folders, if you find any List mail there, click the THIS IS NOT SPAM button so the filters will be trained to recognize the new server. If your non-Aol eMail software has SPAM filters, you should make sure they allow mail from the list in this format: [email protected] . Consider allowing the entire domain of addresses which would help when you join any new Lists. Subscribers in the digest mode [email protected] will need to send their email to the NEW address of [email protected] . Digest numbers may be out of sequence during the change over. Both email addresses [with the -L and without it] will still work for SENDING posts to the List but not everyone will receive it correctly depending on your server, there will always be someone who won’t be able to make the changeover, don’t know why. As this list is small and we don’t receive daily mail, nor even weekly or monthly mail, to make sure you are indeed getting Posts, “browse” the Archives and see if any Posts have come through lately. Write to me if you have problems with Posts or questions in general. I have access to Rootsweb Listowner Help to find out what is happening. I'll make a Post of some BEWS names in Orkney so there will be something in our Archives. Archives of this List: I appreciate your understanding as all Mailing Lists on Rootsweb go through this changeover. Here is the schedule for the staggered move, use the FIRST letter of the List you’ve subscribed to whether its surname, regional or miscellaneous: Thursday, August 17 - Lists A-C Monday, August 21 - Lists D-F Tuesday, August 22 - Lists G-I Wednesday, August 23 - Lists J-L Thursday, August 24 - Lists M-O Monday, August 28 - Lists P-R Tuesday, August 29 - Lists S-U Wednesday, August 30 - Lists V-Z Meg Greenwood / List Lassie for BEWS

    08/19/2006 03:25:07
    1. Bews in Orkney, Scotland
    2. Greenwood
    3. As the new Admin of this Mailing List, I'll Post my BEWS interests in Orkney, Scotland. Most of the people interested in this Orcadian surname will probably be subscribed to the ORKNEY-L Mailing List, if you are reading this and wish to learn more about the ORKNEY-L List, here is the homepage from which you can subscribe or you can read all the Archived Posts since it began which doesn't require you to be subscribed. To Post, you must subscribe. To SEARCH or BROWSE the Archives, scroll to the bottom of that page and click the links. BEWS is an interest of mine, I live in central US in Oklahoma. My mother was a HALCROW, her father was William HALCROW, his father was Joseph HALCRO whose mother was Margaret BEWS, a Midwife who lived 1789 to 1871 in Orphir, Orkney. In 1813, she married Willam HALCRO born 1772 died 1844 in Orphir also. They had 9 children in Orphir. I have a picture of Margaret BEWS with Joseph, his wife Jessie JOHNSTON and 2 children which must have been taken about 1859 when their second child was born. Margaret was a member of the Free Church of Scotland after it formed in 1843, she sometimes had to report to the Kirk Sessions whether or not a child was born prematurely to determine if the child was conceived before the wedding date. She always said the child was premature in the Kirk Sessions notes I've read. Margaret BEWS was born 23 Jan, 1789 in Firth & Stennes, she was the 4th child of Harry BEWS and Ursilla LEASK. Her siblings were William BEWS b 1781. John BEWS b 1783. John BEWS b 1784. Willelmina BEWS b 1791. Frezar BEWS b 1796 and Joseph BEWS b 1800. Hary BEWS the father was born Feb, 1754 Firth & Stennes a son of James B BEWS and Ann LINAY. James B BEWS was born 7 Sept, 1735 a son of David BEWS and Barbara ROSS. David BEWS was born 1706 in Holm. I've gotten no further back on this BEWS line. I have a website for Orkney information, mostly Orphir, but also have Firth & Stennes Kirk Sessions notes. Please go here to read what I've condensed and posted for research assistance : As Administrator [List Lassie] for the BEWS surname list, I will get a notice of new subscribers and will send you a short welcome note if you subscribe. This is a very small List, Posting BEWS information here will assist future BEWS researchers. Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma USA

    08/24/2005 07:51:25
    1. BEWS List Administrator: please contact Rootsweb
    2. Andrew Billinghurst
    3. Hi, **This message is being sent to the BEWS mailing list.** The email address that RootsWeb has for the BEWS list admin [email protected] is bouncing, so RootsWeb is looking to make contact with the list admin. Will the list admin please contact Andrew Billinghurst ([email protected]) so that we know that you are still maintaining this list and please reply quoting this message. List members there is nothing for you to worry about and nothing for you to do, it is probably just an email problem for the person looking after the day-to-day management of this list. Rest assured that this does not mean that your list is in danger. Thanks! Andrew Billinghurst, RootsWeb Staff [email protected] -- Andrew Billinghurst <[email protected]> Adopt-a-mailing list -> #1 Source for Family History Online

    11/30/2004 04:57:05