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    1. [BELLES] Did anyone else grow up having their name routinely pronounced "Bells?"
    2. This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: interfection311 Surnames: Belles Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Anyway I found the history page on our name interesting. I was born in 83 and raised in Lackawanna County, PA. My father's name was also John but he died when I was a toddler. I was raised by my maternal grandparents and my mother was absentee, so I know very little about my dad. I know he worked as a security guard at the University of Scranton for a period of time. I know it's a long shot, but if you think we may share a genealogy please send me a mail or reply. I've always been into history and not knowing the people that made essentially 50% of who I am today never sat well with me. Thanks in advance! Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board.

    05/14/2012 07:49:13