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    1. [BAXTER] Judge John Baxter (1819-1886), who are his children?
    2. Glenna Kinard via
    3. Hope someone can give me the straight scoop on Judge John Baxter's wives and children. He was born in NC in 1819, son of Wlm. Baxter and Catherine Lee of Rutherford County, NC. He died in 1886 in Tennessee. Wife #1. Mahalah H. Hines Baxter (where is she buried?). Married in 1836. I have one child for them, Mary Margaret. b. 1837. She married Michael Moore Miller. She died in in the 1860's (when?). Her daughter was Orra Anne Miller (b. 1859). Or was the daughter's name Leonora Anne? (This is important later on.) Wife #2 for Judge Baxter. Orra Ann Alexander. married 1842. She died Dec. 1859 in Tennessee. Their children: Nancy Catherine (b. 1846), Delia Elizabeth (b. 1849), William Mitchell (b. 1850), Lewis Thompson (b. 1852) and John Alfred/Alexander, b. 1857. Wife #3: Catherine R. (Kitty) Alexander (sister of Orra Anne). Married between 1859-1860. Did they have children?? She was previously married to George Washington Baxter, brother of Judge Baxter. They had two children, Dr. George Alfred (b. 1851) and Gov. George White Baxter (b. 1855). Wife #4: Kate White (1834-1885). Married in 1867. They had one daughter, Mary Hume (b. 1869). The 1860 census in Ancestry is a total mess (names wrong, etc.; they have the family as Barter instead of Baxter), plus it does not give the relationships of the members of this household. I have placed in parenthesis my guess as to who's-who in that household. Please share any corrections with me. 1860 Census, 1(?) District, Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee Page 99, dwelling/family 777/705, July 18, 1860 John Barter (Baxter) Age: 41 Birth Year: abt 1819 Gender: Male Birth Place: North Carolina Home in 1860: District 1, Knox, Tennessee Post Office: Knoxville Family Number: 605 John Baxter, age 41, lawyer, $41,000 value real estate, $50,000 value personal property, born in North Carolina Nancy C. Baxter, age 14, born in North Carolina (Orra¹s daughter) Delia Baxter, age 11, born in North Carolina John Barter (Orra¹s daughter) Marks (William Mitchell) Baxter, age 9, male, born in North Carolina (Orra¹s son) Louis (Lewis) Baxter, age 7, born in North Carolina (Orra¹s son) George W. Baxter, age 5, born in North Carolina (Catherine¹s son by George Washington Baxter) John Baxter, age 3, born in North Carolina (Orra¹s son) Leonora A. Baxter, age 1, born in Tennessee (Orra¹s daughter OR is it Mary Margaret Baxter Miller¹s daughter?) C. R. Baxter, age 39, born in North Carolina (Catherine R. Baxter, widow of George Washington Baxter and 3rd wife of Judge John Baxter; don¹t know if they were married at the time of this census) George A. Baxter, age 8, born in North Carolina (Catherine¹s son by George Washington Baxter) Plato Durham, age 20, student, born in North Carolina (cousin) Thanks for any clarification! Glenna Bryant Kinard Columbia, SC

    09/29/2015 12:26:04