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    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Closing of RootsWeb mailing lists
    2. Lynne
    3. List administrators were recently sent the message below indicating that as of 2 March 2020, all RootsWeb mailing lists would close. Discussion of and queries about the BACKHOUSE surname can be placed on the LancsGen mailing list or on the BACKHOUSE message board at <>. The message boards are free to use and only require a one-time registration with a valid email address and a name. Goodbye and best of luck with your family history research. Lynne list admin. Message from RootsWeb: Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails. Additionally, administration tools will no longer be available to list administrators and mailing lists will be put into an archival state. > >Administrators may save the emails in their list prior to March 2nd. After that, mailing list archives will remain available and searchable on RootsWeb. > >As an alternative to RootsWeb Mailing Lists, Ancestry message boards are a great option to network with others in the genealogy community. Message boards are available for free with an Ancestry registered account. > >Thank you for being part of the RootsWeb family and contributing to this community. > >Sincerely, >The RootsWeb team

    01/12/2020 08:49:42
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] GRO certificate costs to increase in February
    2. Lynne
    3. First announced by Peter Calver in his LostCousins newsletter and now written about by UKBMD, a variety of family history societies, and Who Do You Think You Are Magazine, certificate costs will increase 16 February 2019. From Who Do You Think You Are magazine, "Increased charges for this service, which will come into force on 16 February 2019, have now been published in Statutory Instrument No 1268, 'Registration of births, deaths & marriages, etc., England and Wales', available on the UK government's legislation website. "The cost of print certificates will increase from £9.25 to £11, and from £23.40 to £35 for the priority service, which allows delivery on the next working day. The same costs will apply if researchers order the certificate from their local register office. "In October 2017 the GRO introduced a new pilot scheme allowing researchers to order PDF copies of digitised birth and death records for £6 each. Following an estimated 79,600 PDF orders in three months, the scheme was extended indefinitely. "The cost of PDF records will now increase to £7, with priority deliveries available at £45. "If researchers make an application to the GRO for a certificate copy without knowing the index reference, there will be an additional non-refundable fee of £3 in exchange for GRO staff carrying out a search of the index. Currently, this service is free. "There will also be a fee of £3.50 where the GRO cannot fulfil an order because the staff cannot locate the record with the information provided. "The increased fees are the first pricing changes at the GRO since 2010."

    01/04/2019 05:58:01
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] National Archives - Change in fees
    2. Lynne
    3. From <> - "From 1 February 2019, there will be changes to some of the fees we charge. "Archive boxes on repository shelvesAs a government department providing a public service, we are able to charge for some statutory services (as defined by the Public Records Act ) on a cost recovery basis. The Fees Order, which regulates our fees, has been refreshed from the last calculation which came into effect 1 April 2017. We are maintaining the standard approach in line with the HM Treasury publication, Managing Public Money, to set charges at a level that will recover full costs, ensuring that The National Archives neither profits at the expense of consumers nor makes a loss for taxpayers to subsidise. "There are both price increases and decreases, for example a digital copy up to A3 size goes up by 10p to £1.20. Currently, our research service cost £23.35 per 15 minutes, this will go up by £1.00 however, the charge for a copy of a naturalisation certificate will go down by 25p to £27.15. "As there is no legal requirement for The National Archives to digitise physical public records these services are by definition discretionary. We have therefore removed the following digital surrogate related lines: • The creation of digital surrogates funded by others (for a commercial return, or to widen access) • Reprographic charges (Production and Estimation) • Image Library (Serviced Copies – Colour Photograph) • Digital Downloads • Conservation for Digitisation "In addition to, but separate from, the Fees Order changes, we are introducing a fee for the provision of letters of no evidence of naturalisation, in the same way that we charge for certified copies of naturalisation certificates. They will incur a fee of £27.15 which is regulated to be the cost recovery price (i.e. the cost to The National Archives doing the work). "A full list of fees can be found here <>" Don't shoot the messenger! Lynne

    12/23/2018 03:40:40
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Re: Season's Greetings
    2. anna670
    3. LynneThank you and I wish you all the best for the coming yearAnne Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. -------- Original message --------From: Lynne <[email protected]> Date: 21/12/2018 11:11 (GMT+10:00) To: Subject: [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Season's Greetings Dear  Friends, My sincere best wishes to all of you for a very merry Christmas. May the coming year bring you peace, good health, and joy, plus a few demolished brick walls. Warm regards, Lynne list admin. _______________________________________________ Email preferences: Unsubscribe[email protected] Privacy Statement:  Terms and Conditions: Rootsweb Blog: RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal RootsWeb community

    12/20/2018 11:01:10
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Season's Greetings
    2. Lynne
    3. Dear Friends, My sincere best wishes to all of you for a very merry Christmas. May the coming year bring you peace, good health, and joy, plus a few demolished brick walls. Warm regards, Lynne list admin.

    12/20/2018 06:36:51
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Giveaways - Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS)
    2. Lynne
    3. The Christmas edition of the FFHS has links to multiple giveaways -- too many for me to list here -- and a DNA report in which you might be interested. See <> for the online edition. Enjoy! Lynne

    12/17/2018 09:20:23
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Finding the Stories of the Women in Your Family Tree
    2. Lynne
    3. Ancestry has a free tip sheet in PDF form. The slant and illustrations are from a US perspective, but the ideas work on either side of the Atlantic. See to download the document. Do you have some tips to share with us? There are a lot of subscribers to this list with varying degrees of expertise. As well as your queries, please post research advice, event information, and other family history information. Most of us are eager learn and you can help keep the list alive by posting. Lynne list admin.

    11/01/2018 11:27:36
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Tracing your Female Ancestors and Electoral Registers
    2. Lynne
    3. New blog: Tracing your Female Ancestors and Electoral Registers The blog is written by a member of the Manchester & Lancashire FHS, but the advice is pertinent to all researchers. See <> or <> Here's hoping the guidance the blog contains will help you demolish a brick wall or two. Lynne

    08/01/2018 06:59:29
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Resource: Social History for Genealogists: Learn How They Lived
    2. Lynne
    3. From Find My Past - Join Manchester Metropolitan University lecturer and genealogist, Michala Hulme, as she delivers a masterclass on using social history records to get a clearer picture of the lives your ancestors might have lead. The webinar is about 45 minutes. Watch and listen at

    05/01/2018 06:31:30
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] "Mummy, what did you do in the War?" Royal College of Nursing family history workshop
    2. Lynne
    3. If you're in the London area . . . 10 Feb 2018 10:00 - 17:00 Find out how to research your Great War family history, with a focus on nursing and VAD stories. Royal College of Nursing 20 Cavendish Square Marylebone London W1G ORN

    01/11/2018 09:19:01
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello everyone In case you haven't been keeping up with the news, Ancestry has posted additional information about the RootsWeb outage at I'm very happy to report that the administrative tools now seem to be working and administrators can again take action when messages don't make it to the list because they're too big or have other problems. This is the first in a very long time that Ancestry staff has been communicative about the issues affecting RootsWeb. Excellent progress. A very happy new year to you all! Let's go break down some brick walls. Lynne list admin.

    01/10/2018 03:46:16
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] GRO launches pilot for PDF birth and death records
    2. Lynne
    3. The General Register Office (GRO) for England and Wales is piloting a service beginning 12 October 2017 to provide portable document format (PDF) copies of digitised historical birth and death records. The pilot will run for a minimum of 3 months to enable GRO to assess the demand for this service over a prolonged period. The PDF scheme provides a cheaper alternative to ordering print certificates, which cost £9.25 each or £23.40 for priority certificates. Applications for each PDF cost £6, must be made online, and include a GRO index reference. England and Wales records which are available as PDFs in this extended pilot include: Births: 1837 –1916 Deaths: 1837 –1957

    10/12/2017 09:37:48
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Before You Post that Query
    2. Lynne
    3. A useful reminder for all of us: "Before You Post that Query", a genealogy tip of the day at There are links there to some other useful postings, although most are regarding American family research. Lynne

    07/31/2017 09:44:18
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] British Newspaper Archive webinar today
    2. Lynne
    3. Extremely late notice of what might be a rather informative talk, but just found out about it myself: The British Newspaper Archive webinar, a live presentation, entitled "Making the most of the British Newspaper Archive," will air today at 4pm BST. "In this webinar, Aoife O Connor [Data Development Manager, British Newspaper Archive] will show you how to get the most out of the website. Learn search tips and tricks, discover the special features of the site, and find out how historic newspapers can break down genealogical brick walls and bring the history of your hometown to life. " Sounds like a very useful presentation. If you're unable to attend the webinar at that time, there will be an opportunity to listen to the recording. See for registration and more information. Lynne

    05/18/2017 02:58:11
    2. Anna Bell
    3. Hello List I have been researching our Helme connetions from Furness district/ The person I am needing information on is James Helm(e) born circa 1773 Newbarns ??? He may have married an Ann Barton circa 1805 his occupation could have bee waller Any information would be appreciated. Regards Anna

    08/31/2016 09:31:58
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello Anna I don't see mention of the BACKHOUSE surname in your message. If there is a connection, please let us know. If not, you might try posting on LancsGen, the list for all of Lancashire ( The Barrow Archive and Local Studies Centre may hold the key to your HELME ancestors. A description of what archives they hold, what services they provide, plus contact details can be found at I've found three messages on the message boards which you might find interesting, as they mention both HELMEs and Furness: "Furness Families" on the England > Cumberland > Cumbria board at "Knight family Barrow in furness" on the England > Lancashire > General board at and "Henry Helm" on the England > Westmoreland > General > board at If you haven't done so already, you might explore the archives of and perhaps subscribe to the HELM mailing list. Information can be found at Hope that helps a little! Kind regards, Lynne Anna Bell <[email protected]> wrote: > >Hello List > I have been researching our Helme connetions >from Furness district/ >The person I am needing information on is > >James Helm(e) born circa 1773 Newbarns ??? > >He may have married an Ann Barton circa 1805 >his occupation could have bee waller > >Any information would be appreciated. > >Regards Anna

    08/31/2016 05:26:35
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] Welcome back to RootsWeb!
    2. Lynne
    3. Welcome back to RootsWeb! Yes, it's normally fairly quiet on the lists during summer, but not nearly as quiet as it has been for the last few weeks while RootsWeb underwent maintenance. Unfortunately, administrators were not informed of upcoming maintenance and that it was possible that we would not be able to access any RootsWeb functions, so I was in the same boat as you -- not able to communicate with you. Things are still a little iffy, but at least the lists are once again usable. RootsWeb staff say that not all lists and list functions are working and they could not give me a date when all problems will be resolved. Once the lists came back to life, some were hit by a lot of spam. We've been lucky so far -- keep your fingers crossed! If you are a member of a list that has been hit by spam, take pity on that list's administrator and don't reply to or about the spam on the list. Also please remember not to report RootsWeb as a spammer, since that might cause ISPs to block RootsWeb messages. If you find yourself unable to post to a list, check the address to which you're sending mail. The formula needs to be [email protected] Previously, mail sent to [email protected] would get through, but that no longer seems to be the case. Well, that's the end of my report. Enjoy the list! Kind regards, Lynne list admin.

    08/30/2016 10:53:54
    2. :-
    3. Hi All, I am new to this list, but not to genealogy The BACKHOUSE's are my ancestors, and my group hail from Leece/Aldingham. I have records of these BACKHOUSE's back into the 16th Century in the Leece area, but am only now trying to link them into family groups. The earliest 'proved' link at this time is William BACKHOUSE (1660-1754) baptised at Aldingham. He married Bridget DOBSON of Leece at Aldingham in 1691. Any help in resolving this family line will be welcome Regards [email protected]

    04/17/2014 12:57:44
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] historical images
    2. Lynne
    3. >From Wellcome Images ( "... As of today, all historical images that are out of copyright and held by Wellcome Images are being made freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence. This means that they can be used and manipulated freely, for commercial or personal purposes, so long as the original source is acknowledged. High-resolution files from the historical collections can now be downloaded directly from the Wellcome Images website." Perhaps you'll find something relative (pun intended) to your ancestors or the place(s) they lived. Happy searching! Lynne

    01/25/2014 03:45:25
    1. [BACKHOUSE-FURNESS-DISTRICT] My introduction for posting on this list
    2. Alan
    3. Hello I have just joined this “list” so please allow to me to explain my genealogical interests. I am mainly on this list in the hope that some at least of my related Powleys are still in or remembered in the Barrow in Furness area. My name is Alan Penn whilst I live in Hertfordshire, England my roots are in Sunderland where most of my Ancestors were either born, moved to, or worked. My direct line of Ancestors include Penn’s of course and Viney’s on my Fathers side with Knight’s and Whites on my mothers side. I am interested in learning more about them including the work/trades they followed. It also seems that the Powey’s from my mothers side connected with the White’s played a prominent part in my Ancestry. The White family is another area that I would very much like to know more about. My Grandmother plus Great Uncle’s and Great Aunts including Mary (Polly) Hannah White who married Wilfred Powley are the main connection from my point of view of the two families. I am sure there are more families connected with the above that would be of great interest to me and would be grateful to anyone who could fill in some of the gaps re data I currently have. The Powley’s interest I have were from Morrings, Westmoreland Lancashire in respect of William Powley who was born in1802, his son Robert Powley was the founder member of R. Powley & Sons a well know Mineral Water Manufacturer from the mid 1880’s into the 1950’s or so I believe. Other members of to Powley’s were from Ulverston and Barrow in Furness, Lancashire. The most recent area I know of so far is in Brighton. I would be most interest of learning more and hope there are people out there that can help me in this regard. Of course if I can give any information or help to anyone else likewise interested I would be please to help where I can. Alan.

    02/18/2013 04:53:25