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    1. Re: [AUSTRALIAN-POWS] Sandakan POWs
    2. Barbara OConnor
    3. Somewhere amongst my book collection (imagine a Lions Club book sale!!) is Silver's Sandakan : A Conspiracy of Silence. I am almost certain that there are diaries mentioned in it. Google brings up Charlie Johnstone and Captain Athol Randolph Moffits papers held by the AWM which includes papers given to him by Major Pickford, a Sandakan POW. ?? When I wonder? I can't seem to find a list of the six survivors. Or the book! I also seem to remember that the listing of names and deaths do not all have a definitive date. Lynette Silver has a website - - although not her homepage, it has a contact email. Why not ask her? Barbara

    11/15/2009 07:28:36