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    3. Hi Martin, Thank you so much for the amazing info you have given me about Patrick Francis BRYAN. I want to answer your email fully but at the moment am ready to run out the door, and won't be able to until tomorrow afternoon. I will also contact Rod Beattie then as well. He sounds like a wonderful man. Rosalyn ----- Original Message ----- From: Martin Scott To: Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 6:51 PM Subject: Re: [AUSTRALIAN-POWS] Sandakan Information Rosalyn Another very valuable resource is the NAA's A8234 series, which contains the grave registration cards for POWs who didn't make it home. These cards often contain records as to the specific place of death, or original burial, of a POW. This is about the only thing that will you tell where a man was specifically held unless you hit the jackpot with an affidavit or a personal record. You've listed one POW who died on the Burma-Thailand railway and you'll find that each of these men has a grave registration card online at the NAA website in the A8234 series. They are arranged by cemetary and plot, so first you need to go to and get the cemetary / plot details for your man. You'll find Patrick Francis BRYAN, VX36490, is now buried at Kanchanburi in collective grave 10.F.2-10.L.4. Most of the POWs who died on the Thai side of the railway were reburied in Kanchanaburi after the war; those that died on the Burmese side were reburied at Thanbyuzayat - you find however that some who died in the Northern Thai camps are also now buried in Thanbyuzayat also. If you do a search at NAA for keyword "Kanchanaburi" and reference number "A8234" you'll find four digitised files split up by plot reference, and in plot reference order. 10.F.2 is located in A8234 58, entitled "Kranchanaburi [ie. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery] 1P30 to 10L15". You'll find VX36490 Bryan on page 524 and 525 of the scan. He died from cholera, and was originally buried at Kanyu camp, grave number 21. The back of the card reads "no identification but by plan and records, known to be one of 78 bodies buried in Kanyu No 2 cemetary. My guess would be that he was with a group called D Force and the service record, if you're bothered to get it, may confirm. If it does have an entry for D Force, you'll be able to identify which subgroup (S,T,U or V Btn) by the date of departure, and then you've narrowed his experiences down a great deal. Anyway, I hope this lengthy email isn't presumptous but the A8234 series has been very valuable to me as a researcher and I thought I'd share it. There are similiar cards for Ambon, Sandakan etc but these are not online as yet. The cards are located in Canberra and not Melbourne so there is some chance of getting them online before 2012 (sorry for the dig, but jeez Melbourne is hopelessly slow, lift your game NAA! If I can go off on a tangent, why aren't they running it as a business, charging us more for an optionally faster service if we want it, and then putting more people on to deliver it - using those extra fees - so we don't have to wait 18 months for a freakin file? Can I get an amen here or am I alone on this?). Lastly - the best thing you could do if you're researching a POW from the railway is drop Rod Beattie a line at the Thialand Burma Railway Centre (via Rod is THE MAN in this field, there is no other. He's very passionate and will let his dinner go cold as he runs off to get his laptop in order to answer your query and tell you all that is known about any specific POW you can name (he did this for me in 2007 and I'm forever in his debt). So don't email him at dinner time. Very generous and dedicated bloke. Anyway - that's enough from me. Martin. --- On Sat, 12/12/09, ROSALYN SMAILL <> wrote: From: ROSALYN SMAILL <> Subject: Re: [AUSTRALIAN-POWS] Sandakan Information To: Received: Saturday, 12 December, 2009, 6:08 PM Hi everyone, How does one find info on 2nd World War POWs and the Camps they were held in? These are the ones in my family that I know of to date: POW Register: George Frederick BACKHAUS, 2/21 Batt, Ambon, died in captivity Patrick Francis BRYAN, VX36490 4th Anti-Tank unit, Thailand, died in captivity Frank CAREY, VX31129, 2/10 Field Company RAE, survived Albert L CROSHER, 2/21 Batt, Ambon, executed by Japanese Alan Munro FRASER, 2/15 Batt, North Africa, survived William Erle FORBES, 2/15 Batt, North Africa, survived Cyril Smale HUTCHINS, 2/19 Batt, Thailand, survived Francis John MARSDEN, 4 Aust Anti-Tank Regt, Malaya, survived Edward Thomas WINNELL, 2/21 Batt, Ambon, survived Charles Bernard WOOD, HQ Guard Batt, North Africa, Middle East, survived, died 1947 I would love to know more about their service, where they were held. etc. Rosalyn

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