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    1. [AUSTRALIA-CEMETERIES] Willson's Downfall, Tenterfield, NSW
    2. David Horton (iinet)
    3. We have just finished indexing the cemetery in Willson's Downfall, Tenterfield, NSW This cemetery operated 100-140 years and is now being consumed in the bush, but this makes for a beautiful peaceful location. Only a few original memorials remain, but there are a number of more modern wooden markers. While the locality is Tenterfield in NSW, it is east of Stanthorpe just across the border. (click the GoogleMaps link near the bottom of the main frame and zoom out a bit) The photo collection contents and search tool can be found at: Thank you to all our users over the years who have spotted and reported the errors that inevitably occur or who possess additional information to help us decipher the more illegible headstones Kerry & David

    05/15/2019 06:44:40