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    1. [AUSTRALIA-CEMETERIES] RESEARCH ASSISTANCE Crooked River Area Gippsland Victoria
    2. David Weatherill
    3. In the Singleton Argus (NSW) , Tuesday 2 July 1912 was the following article. HARDSHIPS IN GIPPSLAND. At the Crooked River, in Gippsland (Vic), the wife of a settler became ill and was ordered to the Sale Hospital. Over 100 miles away. The patient was placed on a shutter and it took six men working in relays to carry her up and down mountains. They had to ford the river four times. From Dargo she was taken by buggy to the hospital and arrived after 20 hours of painful journeying. In the same district a centenarian died last week, and it took 30 men to carry the coffin to the nearest cemetery, 11 miles way. They had to wade through the river, which was crusted with ice in places. I am curious to identifie4d the centenarian and in which cemetery he was buried. Life was certainly hard in the area. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, David

    05/11/2018 07:05:03