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    1. seeking knowledgeable person re Lodges - Masonic and others
    2. Nandina Morris
    3. Good morning Aus folk - and a beautiful autumn morning it is, too, in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, anyway. I need help to decide if my gr'fa was just a member of The Masonic Lodge, or whether other 'titles' noted in his obit belinged to other Lodges. It states:- Foundation member and Past Master Lord Northcote Masonic Lodge; also Maribyrnong Lodge; Ballarat Reunion Lodge and a past Member of the Royal Arch and Initiate of the Royal and Select Masters. Was Past Senior Grand Warden when he died. Life Governor of Masonic Homes ... . Apart from itemising the Lodges, if there are more Organisations than the Masonic Lodge, I am hoping to obtain some info (in addition to the above) about his activities - sort of 'what does it all mean'? Hope someone out there may be able to fill me in a bit more. Cheers, Nandina

    09/13/2018 06:00:00