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    2. Newell
    3. Dear list I am trying to find some information about RADFORDSLEE, near Blackcreek, West Maitland. Is there somebody that has heard of RADFORDSLEE, were was it situated and is there any history available?. In the 1859/60 census it states Robert MORELY had the leasehold for RADFORDSLEE Robert MORELY'S wife Ann, is a sister to my great, greatgrandmother Mary Jane NICHOLSON, I cannot find any births of children registered for Robert and Ann MORELY, Were some of Maitlands registrations not handed over in the early days ?. My great, greatgrandfather Robert BUTLER a shoemaker was in the household on the nights of the 1859-1860 census. Robert BUTLER married (MARY) Sarah Jane NICHOLSON 1856 St John's, West Maitland, I have only been able to find a registration for birth of one son Thomas BUTLER in 1862 Mendoran, died 1862. Robert BUTLER was Catholic and Mary Jane NICHOLSON Church of England they did not register the births of their other children, are there seperate baptism records available, C/E and Catholic in West Maitland ?. The N.S.W. Electoral Rolls from 1869 to 1884 list Robert BUTLER in the district of Hartley/Mudgee, Oakborough, Rylestone. Any suggestions on researching or any other directions would be greatly appreciated. Rhonda Newell Terrigal, N.S.W.

    12/28/2020 09:05:43