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    1. [WA-GRAVES] The AUS-WA-SAVING-GRAVES mailing list is back
    2. Peter Lakeman
    3. Hello subscribers to the aus-wa-saving-graves mailing list. All Rootsweb mailing lists have been nearly dead for the last two or so years. In February this year, Rootsweb upgraded the software that runs their 30,000 or so mailing lists, and after a few teething problems, the system is now up and running. The archives of past posts are gradually being restored, but this may take months. Subscribers may notice minor differences. The main difference for you is that you can register as a subscriber and then be able to adjust options for how you receive emails (e.g. single posts or digests in plain or MIME format, halt mail while on holidays and a few more things). Or you can leave things as they are. As a reminder, the purpose of this mailing list is  for anyone with a genealogical interest in cemeteries in Western Australia, Australia, including the saving of the graves in these cemeteries and their transcription records. For questions about the operation of this list, please contact the list administrator at <> To post to this list or respond to a post, use the email address Your list is back up so if you want to keep this list active and going, please post your queries or information to the list. Cheers Peter Lakeman Temporary List Admin

    05/22/2018 10:53:53