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    1. [AUS-WA-PIONEERS] Birth of Sydney Norman SMITH b approx 1905-1910
    2. Colleen Ranger
    3. Hi again Sheelagh Re: Sidney Norman SMITH and Phyllis TOHOLKA Also - try checking out the TROVE - digitised newspapers site ( ), especially 'Family Notices' section; eg|||anyWords|||notWords|||l-textSearchScope=*ignore*|*ignore*|||fromdd|||frommm|||fromyyyy=1930|||todd|||tomm|||toyyyy=1935|||dummy=on|||l-title=|73|||l-title=|26|||l-title=|28|||l-title=|6|||l-title=|30|||l-title=|27|||l-title=|29|||l-title=|98|||l-title=|99|||l-title=|100|||l-title=|101|||l-category=Family+Notices|category:Family+Notices|||l-word=*ignore*|*ignore*|||sortby (terrible URL) - but in the first column on left hand side - in the BIRTHS column, last notice for BIRTHS you'll see Birth Notice for Estelle Rose SMITH, daughter of Sidney Norman and Phyllis SMITH of 80 Holland Street, Wembley Park. Child was born 7th April 1934. Paper is the 'The West Australian' Monday 9th April 1934. Colleen Colleen Ranger Aus Genealogy Watson Family Website East London Family History Group Northam Cemetery Project Northam Pioneers Group

    01/24/2011 05:20:02