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    1. [AUS-WA-PASSENGERLISTS] Help with passenger list and or vessel
    2. Stephanie Cocks via
    3. Hello Listers, I hope someone can help me please. I have an ancestor who was admitted to the Royal Adelaide Hospital, 5 Aug 1891, had been in the colony ( I assume from births of children this means S.A. ) for 12 years. Birthplace : Warwickshire. I KNOW that he and his wife had children b in W.A. between 1870 and 1876, then births in S.A. between May 1878 and Apr 1885. The ship that he arrived on, and I assume this to be W.A. was listed as : J. Hlubken. Googling this name produces nothing.... I think somewhere along the line there was an error in transcribing. Can anyone suggest another alternative, different spelling please? THANK YOU. Steph. Adelaide.

    05/18/2016 11:54:44