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    3. Hi Everyone I am reposting my STAPLETON interests in the hope that a new lister may recognize some of the names or if anyone can help with informaton on any of the Family it would be appreciated. George William STAPLETON born 1866 in England married Alice Georgina WEEKS Alice was the widow of Edward Charles HERRIOTT Alice was living at the Mine Leonora ( Sons of Gwaila Mine) at time of marriage. Alice and Edward HERRIOTT had two daughters and one Son of Elfreda HERRIOTT born 1893 died 1894 in Adelaide Marie Louise HERRIOTT born 1896 Adelaide died 1966 married Francis C. ANDERSON in 1930 Perth. marriage notice states she is the dau of the Late Mr and Mrs HERRIOTT of Adelaide. Edward Cresswell HERRIOTT born about 1893 ??died 1973 Ipswich Qld. married Violet PURDUE George William STAPLETON and Alice Georgina WEEKS had 3 children that we know of. George Leonard Harvey STAPLETON born 901 Malcolm WA died 1957 Wellington WA married Christina T. HENDERSON one child that we know of Alice Christine STAPLETON 1937 -1941 Jack STAPLETON born 1902 Malcolm WA died 1941 at 74 Forrest Ave. Bunbury married Mary Theresa ?? Jack and Mary had 3 Children George STAPLETON b 1930 Beryl STAPLETON Patricia STAPLETON Willie Percy STAPLETON born 1905 died 1905 in Coolgardie .................... 1903 George and Alice married in Mt. Margaret George was the Cycle Agent in Mt. Malcolm at the time of marriage.. from about 1905 to at least 1918 the Family were in Coolgardie when Alice died one known address in Coolgardie = Woodward Street. 1918/1922 George William STAPLETON was the Secretary of the Leonora Hospital. 1927 - 1940 George was a Farmer at Mammballup. George Died 9-6-1940 and is buried at Bunbury Funeral notice states he is the Father of Jack and George Leonard. Jack STAPLETON's Death notice states he is the Brother in Law of Mervyn and Clara DILLON -------------------not sure if Mervyn is Mary's Brother or Clara is her Sister.. Alice Georgina STAPLETON is the dau of William Henry WEEKS and Jane SPENCER (1842-1919)William and Jane had 9 Children. We have George William STAPLETON's Family back quite a few generations but nothing about the above family members. Hoping that someone may recognize some of the above Cheers Jan

    01/15/2017 12:30:38