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    3. Hi Barbara Hope the back yard has recovered Definately food for thought here Havent been able to find a marriage for Jack STAPLETON and Mary Theresa that would solve the problem of her maiden name but so far no date.. Thanks for all the info.... I will put it into the data base as a seperate till I can definately connect... it gives me something to work on. cheers Jan. -----Original Message----- From: AUS-WA [] On Behalf Of Barbara Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017 1:40 PM To: Subject: Re: [AUS-WA] STAPLETON Mervyn R Dillon married Clare A Newell, 1932, at Wellington, WA, Reg. No.110 1939 Aust Electoral Roll records Clara Anny, Home Duties, & Mervyn Richard, Faller (?), Holyoake Ethel May & Ernest Patrick Dillon, Labourer, Hakea 1949 Roll has a number of Dillons - Clara Annie, Lot 2, Eileen Street, Bassendean Mervyn Richard, Timber Worker, 16 Eileen Street, Bassendean (Lot 2 = 16 Eileen Street?) Ernest Patrick, Slaughterman, Ernest Richard, House Painter, & Mervyn Dillon, Fitter & Turner, 52 Eileen Street (Ethel May not there) Dillon.-On February 19, 1944, Dermott Kevin, dearly loved son of Cpl. (AIF) and Mrs. Mervyn Dillon, of 1146 Hay-street, West Perth, and formerly of Holyoak, beloved brother of Ron, Lea and Rosalie, aged 8 years .. The West Australian, Monday 21 February, 1944. Same column has a couple more notices naming Kevin as nephew of Ethel and Ernie Dillon, cousin of Ernie, Edna and Mervyn; also nephew of Ellen and Tom Rusconi, cousin of Rose and Fred. I can't find birth for Clare/Clara A Newell, but there is a registration for Annie C Newell, 1914, Albury, mother Clara E, no father's name, Reg.No.33528. There is a marriage for a Clara E Newell to David Kelly, 1922, Lockhart, Reg. No.12853. Have a look at llon%22 < illon%22&searchLimits=exactPhrase=mervyn+dillon|||anyWords|||notWords|||requ estHandler|||dateFrom|||dateTo|||l-advstate=Western+Australia|||sortby> &searchLimits=exactPhrase=mervyn+dillon|||anyWords|||notWords|||requestHandl er|||dateFrom|||dateTo|||l-advstate=Western+Australia|||sortby NAWELL.-In memory of our father .. Inserted by his sorrowing daughter Ethel, and son-in-law Ernest, grandchildren Richard, Mervyn and Edna Dillon (Wuraming) : also his daughter Clara, and Mervyn Dillon (Hollyoake). Charles & Elizabeth Nawell had six children - Charles H, Elizabeth A, Harriett, Ellen, Sarah J, and Frederick - all born, 1885-1896, in the Newcastle area. No births recorded in WA. Which of the girls is Ethel - not Sarah J who died in 1896. Both brothers joined the AIF, Charles in October, 1914 and Frederick in June, 1915. Charles died at Gallipolli; Frederick came back. If young Charles had been Clara's father, might the grandparents have adopted her? And, a Charles Henry Nawell married Bridget Hodgkinson 1914 in Victoria. Co-incidence? His WW1 record ( <> ) states 4 years military service with D. Company G.S.R. I'm not sure what that is, but perhaps possible that he may have served in Victoria. I don't think that I've come up with anything concrete, but perhaps there's a little bit to think about. But we have to smile - This email must have cost me an arm and a leg. I turned the sprinkler on in the garden and became so engrossed with my searching, forgot all about the sprinkler until I'd almost flooded the backyard. Cheers Barbara Q: Why do WA's cyber-genies hang out at the Perth DPS & use DPS-CHAT-L ? A: Check out: ' ' ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message ----- No virus found in this message. Checked by AVG - Version: 2016.0.7996 / Virus Database: 4749/13771 - Release Date: 01/15/17

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