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    1. [AUS-WA] Re: Stapleton / Dillon or Nawell ??
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    3. Hi Jan, Ancestry has a death record from WA for Mary Teresa CERNAZ Age 67 Reg Place Wellington,WA Reg 239/72... so I think that would be 1972, therefore birth c.1905 Father's Name Richard M Mother's Name Gertrude T Perhaps that would shed some light though info will only be as good as the informant. It is also possible that Mary Teresa is neither a DILLON or a NAWELL only that those names relate to Jack Stapleton. Perhaps there was no legal marriage between Jack Stapleton & Mary Teresa even though there were 3 children, Patricia Joan who married a Lou Dimov about 1954, William George used George William & still at family home, 74 Forrest Ave, Bunbury in 1980, & Beryl Maxine who married a Richard O'Connor in 1954. Hope this helps a little Regards, Vicki At 09:00 AM Friday 27/12/2019, you wrote: >I have a found the Death Notices in Trove Newspapers for Jack STAPLETON >who died in Bunbury in 1941 > >Two Notices are very interesting > >One says "Brother in Law " of Mervyn and Clara DILLON >The Other says "Brother in Law " of Ernie and Ethel DILLON > >Jack STAPLETON's wife was Mary Teresa ?????(***this is taken from the Burial >Register) and Newspaper articles I can not find a Marriage for Jack and >Mary though it must have been before 1932 as Daughter Patricia is >registered as STAPLETON Another child George STAPLETON from Newspaper >articles was born in 1931 > >Problem is > >Ernest Patrick DILLON married Ethel. M. NAWELL in 1922 >Mervyn DILLON married Clare A. NAWELl in 1932 > >Brothers marrying Sisters or unrelated not sure > >My Question ?? >is Mary Teresa a DILLON or a NAWELL I cant find a birth under either >name.. > > >Mary Teresa STAPLETON re married in 1946 to a Peter CERNAZ ...I am not sure >what will be on this certificate... or if they will let me order it... But I >will try. > >I found the death of Ernest Patrick DILLON in 1960 His Parents are Richard >DILLON and Gertrude >Ernest Patrick's Birth gives his Mothers name as Gertrude Mary HOUSE. > >The only Mervyn DILLON was born in 1927 who I think is the Son of Ernest >Patrick (from the same newspaper notice) > >AGAIN from Newspaper death notices I think Clara Annie and Ethel May >DILLON's Parents are Charles and Elizabeth...from their death notices there >is no mention of a Mary as a child.... so I am leaning towards Mary Teresa >being a DILLON > >am I looking at this the wrong way ..... Any Ideas would be appreciated..... > >cheers >Jan > >_______________________________________________ >Email preferences: >Unsubscribe >Privacy Statement: Terms and Conditions: > >Rootsweb Blog: >RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal >RootsWeb community

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