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    1. [GEELONG] Life after Rootsweb Mailing Lists
    2. Susie Zada
    3. With the end of Rootsweb Mailing Lists in March 2020 (yes this year) I wanted to make sure that people on my Mailing Lists had some follow-up contacts while we look at the options. For [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 1. VAFHO (Victorian Association for Family History Organisations) will be looking at any viable alternatives. Currently looking at Mailman - the GNU Mailing List Manager. As VAFHO is a non-profit volunteer organisation run by Volunteers we need to be cautious at committing to external costs but this may be a viable alternative. If you have other constructive suggestions, please contact me on [email protected] 2. VAFHO helped work with the Victorian BDMs in February 2019 when there were some issues affecting all of us in Victoria. The closure of the Rootsweb Mailing Lists is another area that VAFHO believes we should help our Victorian researchers. I spoke with the VAFHO President this morning who agrees with these sentiments. 3. You should subscribe to the VAFHO Blog - that is where we announce anything important related to Victorian Family or Local History, particularly things associated with Victorian BDMs etc. There is NO COST to subscribe. See 4. VAFHO also has a Facebook Page at or just search for VAFHO on Facebook 5. Don't rush out and start Facebook Pages to replace Rootsweb Mailing Lists - there are already numerous Facebook Pages doing the same as the equivalent Rootsweb Mailing List and we don't want to re-invent the wheel particularly when there may be local Family History or Local History Groups with a Facebook Page. Remember they are volunteers also and we don't want to damage all the hard work they've already done. 6. If you are comfortable using Facebook, have a look at the Victoria AU Family History Facebook Page - they are really helpful ... or just search for VICTORIA AU Family History in Facebook. You can then JOIN that page and participate. 7. And finally remember the wonderful community spirit that has been such an important part of our Rootsweb Mailing Lists. Let's use that spirit to continue to help those with questions to ask. 8. You might want to print out this page for future reference when you have a chance to clear your head and decide what you want to do. Regards ... Susie Zada - List Admin of a few lists, and developer of a few blogs, websites and Facebook pages - all in the name of Family History and Local History! [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

    01/07/2020 09:41:53