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    1. [BELLARINE] Support the Bellarine Historical Society
    2. Susie Zada via
    3. Hi Folks, I've started a POLL on the Geelong & District Blog to support the Bellarine Historical Society in its application for a grant to digitise the former Shire of Bellarine Rate and Valuation Books. As you know, some of us have worked hard to ensure most of the Rate Books for former councils in our region have now been digitised - ironically we haven't yet been able to get the Shire of Bellarine ones done. And don't think it just relates to people who lived here - do you know how many people from across Victoria had properties in Ocean Grove in the early years! It was full of Ballarat, Bendigo and Western Districts people. Support our cause - it just takes a click to vote. books/ Thank you in anticipation ... Susie Zada

    10/07/2014 04:27:10