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    1. [AUS-NSW-PENRITH] Penrith City Library
    2. Lorraine Stacker
    3. Hi all Research Services staff at Penrith City Library have a number of events coming up in April and May. 10 April - Life at Lochwood Estate: archaeology and artefacts - talk by Shona Lindsay in conjunction with the archaeological display currently in the Library - In December 2016 a team of archaeologists from Artefact Heritage conducted archaeological excavations at the Oakdale South site located near Kemps Creek. They uncovered State and locally significant archaeological remains associated with the nineteenth century occupation and farming of the site. The archaeological remains and artefacts presented a gateway into the lifeways of the people who had lived and worked at Lochwood Estate. This talk will discuss the history of the site, the archaeology uncovered, and some of the artefacts that were discovered that are currently on display at Penrith Library. Our Research Room Revealed - Connecting People, Places and the Past We have organised events for the Australian Heritage Festival and we are celebrating our new Research Room. We will be opened extended hours from 29 April to 5 May The Library's newly refurbished Research Room will be revealed with additional opening hours between 29 April and 5 May. During the week there will be talks, workshops and additional opening hours to consult with professional staff and volunteers on local and family history Monday 29 April - 10am - 12pm - Nepean FHS Q&A session and help doing family history Tuesday 30 April - 10am - 12pm - Librarian Ann-maree Bonner - will present a talk on researching the local area using our local resources and council records - bookings essential Tuesday 30 April - 6.30pm - 7.30pm - Researcher Steve Ford - Searching NSW Land Records Online - bookings essential Wednesday 1 May - 6.30pm - 7.30pm - Librarian Lorraine Stacker - 1919: Penrith and the 'flu - a talk on the impact of the Spanish Flu in the Penrith and St Marys districts - bookings essential Thursday 2 May - 10am - 12pm - LDS volunteers Q&A session on using and getting the best out of Friday 3 May - 10am - 12pm - Librarian Alison Spencer - will present a talk on photographs including Penrith Library's postcard collection - bookings essential Saturday 4 May - 9am - 5 pm - Research Room open all day Sunday 5 May - 10am - 5 pm - Research Room open all day Events can be booked at Would love to see you in our new Research Room Lorraine Stacker Library Research Services Supervisor E [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> T +612 4732 7886<tel:+612%204732%207886> | F +612 4732 7958 | +61410 562 743 <tel:+61410%20562%20743> PO Box 60, PENRITH NSW 2751 <> <> [image]<> [image]<> [image] <> Follow us [image]<>

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