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    1. [AUS-NSW-PENRITH] Penrith Library's Research Room
    2. Lorraine Stacker
    3. Hi all Just to keep you up to date on Penrith Library's refurbishment - we are on track. Please see our blog post at Currently Research Services staff are temporarily located in the new Research Room until next week when we can move into our new staff area (old Research Room). The new Research Room is planned to open on 11 March. We are also planning a launch of the refurbished Library and there will be a special week at the end of April as part of the Heritage Festival when we will celebrate our new facilities with everyone. Best wishes Lorraine Stacker Library Research Services Supervisor E [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> T +612 4732 7886<tel:+612%204732%207886> | F +612 4732 7958 | M +61410 562 743 <tel:+61410%20562%20743> PO Box 60, PENRITH NSW 2751 <> <> [image]<> [image]<> [image] <> [image] <> Follow us [image]<>

    02/12/2019 06:38:07