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    1. [AUS-CHINESE] New format
    2. MargM
    3. Been very quiet......... Pssst ! has anyone noticed the format of the search page of has CHANGED ? Bye MargM List Admin

    06/01/2014 10:04:25
    1. [AUS-CHINESE] Change of mailing list format
    2. Re the reformat of mailing list layout. I dont know if this is permanent. If you post a message / query to a list it will show the lists name as poster not you This could be a real problem particularly for subscribers who take digests ( blocks of rather than single) of messages If anyone wishes to change to single messages just let me know as can easily fix this. 1) if one hits "Reply", the reply message goes only to the sender (in this case you) with your email address in it. It DOES NOT GO TO THE LIST. The reply therefore will not show up in the list archives for future seekers to find and will not be available for future discussion unless the original sender re-posts it to the list. 2) if one selects "Reply All", the reply message WILL get sent to the list. So, to carry on the true value of these lists, to share knowledge, we have to reply to list messages with "Reply All" unless you want your reply to go to the sender only. ================== By using "Reply All" the information is shared with all and items of interest, sources of information is shared with all so aiding research ideas. Happy hunting Bye MargM List Admin

    07/15/2014 08:01:37