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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Hi everyone, Last challenge of the year, coming up!... December is the month many of us celebrate a special child's birth and gift-giving is at its highest level. Since giving is the predominant, worldwide monthly theme, we're going to pick up on that. This month's challenge is two-fold: 1.) Send in your births and christenings from our surname (or variant spelling); and/or... 2.) Send a gift to the list. Gifts might be be: * census extractions for a family or two * a biography * 3-4 generations of a family * a will * a deed * obituaries for a given period * immigration/emigration records * a family's bible record Your gift doesn't have to be limited to what I've given above; those were just some ideas. The point of this is to give a gift to the list and have some fun doing it. Select one or both challenges to work on ~ it's your choice. I hope you'll all have a safe and happy holiday season. Colleen

    12/01/2002 02:51:49