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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Good Morning, RE: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ROOTSWEB. Starting today (Monday, 10 June 2002), RootsWeb will begin the process of upgrading their servers to new hardware. This means some lists will be unavailable during this time and we won't be able to post or receive messages. If our list is affected, Rootsweb will halt operation on the particular machine our list is on to complete their move. If you post a message, you might not see it come out on the list, nor will you receive any list messages. Don't panic! It just means our list is probably one of the ones currently being worked on. Rootsweb doesn't expect to lose any messages, but the lists will be down for a while while this changeover occurs. PLEASE don't post "why aren't I getting mail" during that time; you will when it comes back up, and you don't want half of it to be everyone on the list asking why aren't they getting mail. If you have trouble reaching other RW lists this week, it's probably for the same reason; try again in an hour or two or three... Thanks! I wish you all a MAGNIFICENT Monday! :) Colleen

    06/10/2002 01:54:48