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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Hi everyone, Okay... I gave you all a two-month break while my computer recovered from its chronic breakdown, but now she's happy again. Time for a challenge! :) Some of our ancestors were surprisingly mobile. Many of us have a line or two that sat still only a brief time before they were up and moving again. Opening the frontier and resulting migrations west had a great deal to do with it. Your challenge this month is in two-parts: 1. Tell us about your strays and wanderers ~ those who just couldn't seem to sit still. You can do individuals or families, it makes no difference. 2. If you've found one (or more) of our stray ancestors or families wandering around the country but they aren't yours, post that data to the list. Let's see just how many we can turn up that have been eluding someone else but you've had chucked in that box under the bed. ("Oh, you've been looking for *them*???) Colleen

    10/01/2002 04:36:47