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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Hi family, Okay, you've had several months off while I've been socializing with my inlife relatives and getting my daughter married. Let's see if you're ready for THIS challenge... The warmer months are also the months people make moves. I know our immigrant ancestors didn't move only during the warmer months, though I'm sure they'd wished they had or could have. 1. This challenge is for you to tell us about your immigrant ancestors. Keep in mind who this discussion group is all about! We don't want ALL your immigrants, just the ones that apply to us. 2. IF you're unable to discuss your immigrant because you haven't found him/her yet (neither have I), then tell us about the major moves that your ancestors made in country - those who took to the trail. How's that? :) Colleen

    06/01/2003 05:15:31