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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Hi all, Quiet... yep, that's what I've been the past month. I'm afraid it will all probably continue too, until after May. I'm so busy and socked up that I barely have any computer time right now. HOWEVER, we MUST your month unfulfilled with a genealogical challenge! :) Let's see, it's February, the month of love, so I offer you the following challenge... Tell us about a couple with our surname (variants are always okay) whose marriage lasted 50 years or more ~ a biography on their lives. Be as informative as you're able (parents, places of birth, death, & marriage; their children, etc), however, please do NOT tell us about anyone living ~ only those who have passed on, please. I'll now retreat to my quiet corner and once again become a ghost in the shadows. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :) Colleen

    02/02/2003 08:23:44