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    3. ) ( ( ) Good Morning Family! ( \ .-.,--^--. ( Come on in. . . \* ) \\|`----'| - The coffee pot's on. . . .=|=. \| |// ...and we even have decaf, |~'~| | |/ tea, and hot chocolate! | | \ / _|___|_ ------ (_______) Today's topics include: Today's topics include: 1. Welcome to new researchers 2. The fun of a hard drive crash :-\ 3. A Brick Wall's Origins? TO OUR NEWEST COUSINS ~~ On behalf of the entire family, I'd like to extend a most hearty welcome to those cousins who came into the family fold this past week. We are very glad to have you with us and hope you'll stay and remain a part of our online family. As soon as you're comfortable with us and the list, please send in your list-surname lines so we can all see how we're related to you. We do not have a fancy format for sending in records or queries to the list. Post as many as you wish! If the data has anything to do with our list-surname ancestors that might help someone, please feel free to post it. Every scrap of information is appreciated. You're welcome to share this Coffee with your genealogy friends and relatives. If they are not members of our online family and would like to begin receiving the Coffee, they are now able to. Simply have them send a blank email to <[email protected]>. THE FUN OF HARD DRIVE CRASH Yes, you read it right... fun during a hard drive crash! Fortunately I had everything already backed up, but wow! what a mess! Last Sunday's Coffee did not get delivered since I was offline Saturday through Tuesday this past week. Did anyone miss me??? :) My computer seems to still be on crutches here, so I'll be wiping this drive out, and starting over, I think. This will put me offline for a while again, I'm afraid. At any rate, you all now know why you missed Coffee with me last week. I do apologize. A BRICK WALL'S ORIGINS? I know that many of us wish we could visit with those who have gone before us ~ those ancestors who probably have the answers to many of our questions today. Imagine, if you will, that you have the opportunity to do just that... to go back through the centuries and have a talk with one who started it all. Keeping in mind that although you envision a warm welcome and a loving meeting of the generations with lots of information passed on and questions answered, people had personalities and not everyone thought highly of genealogy. The interview just might loosely go something like this... What you commonly know as buildings, asphalt and cement is now gone. There is nothing around you for miles with exception of trees and forest foliage. In jeans and a tank top, you feel the cool air against your skin. There are no roads but for those cut through the earth as a footpath, although one can see horses hoof prints. It's quiet here... very quiet, and a feeling of contentment comes over you ~ like coming home. Upon your arrival at a clearing you see not a brick house, but one of logs. Smoke gently wafts out of a chimney. A rocking chair, old with age, sits on a covered porch. Your eye catches a glimpse of plowed fields where corn is nearly full grown. It's clear that these people have lived here for a while. Four children come around a corner, their attentions enrapt in playing a game of tag with each other. It's obvious that one of them isn't happy after being 'tagged,' but within seconds they all bound off around another corner in a renewed bout of the game, having taken no regard that you're standing there watching them. It doesn't take long before you see a man come from behind the house. He's an old man walking the walk of the tired, whose back is slightly bent from years of hard toil. His dungarees and long-sleeved shirt are full of dust and his hat is weatherbeaten. His face is grizzled with age and he has a look of deep concentration on it. He is your great great great grandfather. "Grandfather?" "What? Who are you?" "You are not going to believe this, but I am your great great great granddaughter." You produce a picture of the old man taken when his wife was still alive and the children in their late teens. A bewildered look comes across Grandfather's face. A second man, looking to be in his early thirties and dressed much the same as the older man, comes up behind Grandfather. "Who are you?" he wants to know. "Where did you get this likeness of us?" Gesturing with my eyes toward the eldest man, "I know this is unbelieveable, but I am a descendant of this man, three generations from now." "Are you teched by the sun?" "No, really, I'm not. I have traveled back through time to come to you and meet your family. May I sit on your porch? I have some papers here (pedigree charts and family group sheets) I'd like to show you." "You'd best cover yourself up first, young lady! The womenfolk 'd have a fit to see you runnin' 'round half-naked. Here. Wrap yourself in this blanket. You're pretty nervy.... showing up 'round here like that!" The son hands you a quilt from off the back of the rocking chair. Realization that you're dressed much too improper for the time period you've escaped to, you're now feeling a real sense of embarrassmant and wrap the blanket around yourself. Wait. Haven't you seen this very quilt before? Yes! On Grandma's bed! "Grandpa! I know this blanket! Your great granddaughter will one day own it, and as a young girl, I will see it at the foot of her bed! This very quilt will become an heirloom! "Pshaw! That old thing? Ma got that from HER mother! She's the one who made it. Why would anyone keep something like that, especially from THAT old crow? Come to think of it, you got that old woman's eyes and nose. Yup, look a little like her, and you got big feet, too. You as ornery and as much of a shrew as she is?" "I don't think I'm ornery, Grandpa; but I do get assertive if someone pushes me too far." "Don't know nuthin' 'bout assertive. Yup, you must be an ornerous woman, too!" "Grandpa, I don't know how long I can be here and I probably won't be able to return. May I please ask you some questions?" "Well, that depends. Ain't nobody's business what goes on 'round here. Say, those are some strange lookin' things on your feet!" "Yes, well.... these are called tennis shoes. Please Grandpa, will you tell me who your grandparents were? And what was Grandma's maiden name?" "That is not up for discussion." "Oh. Well, how long have you lived on this land and where did you come here from?" "You sound like one 'a them danged census takers! You're one 'a them, ain't 'cha? Nosey critters, they are." "No Grandpa, I'm really not. I just want to get some answers to some questions that have plagued me for years." "Plague? You got that where you're from, too? "No Grandpa, the plague has been erradicated." "I don't know from erradicated, but every now and again one hears 'bout someone gittin' it. An evil sickness, it is." "Grandpa, when were you and Great Grandma born?" "Don't see where that is any of your business. Polite folks don't ask questions like that. You must take after your aunt, rude and all." "Grandpa, I'm really not trying to be rude. I just want some information, that's all." An older woman comes out of the house. She's heard the last statement you made and is clearly interested. You notice a resemblance between your mother's mother and her. "Grandma?" "Who are you? And what are you doin' wrapped up in that blanket on such a warm day? You sick? Is that why your hair isn't pulled up like it should be? Humpf! You're not a young maiden and yet your hair is hanging like that. You are obviously ill-bred." "Ill-bred? No, Grandma, I was raised quite properly for the time period I live in. I've simply come back through time to see you and Grandpa... to ask you some questions." The children make yet another appearance, still enthralled in their games. The realization comes to you that the younger man *may* be your great great grandfather, and one of these children your great grandfather! Amazing! "May I ask your son's name and the names of the children?" "That's something you can find in the family Bible." "The family Bible? Yes! Where IS the Bible, Grandma?" "Well now, Philena had it, last I knew." "Philena? Who is Philena?" "Philena is my aunt on Papa's side. She died after moving out on the frontier with her second husband. What *was* his name, anyway? I don't think I ever knew it." "The frontier? What is the name of the place she moved to?" "All we know is it's in the Terroritories somewhere. Ain't many towns out there yet. Now I have something to ask you." "Ask anything, Grandma!" "Is this all you have to do to fill your days? Looks to me like a strong-looking young woman like you would have to get up in the morning with chores to do." And then then entire family, except you who is left to stand on the porch, moves inside the cabin. Your research is not one bit better off than what you had in the first place. Perhaps that is why you are facing such a brick wall today ~ there wasn't anything to go on then, either. It's family ... and that's what we're all about. To those cousins with August birthdays, the family and I wish you a very happy and special day. You are loved!! I so enjoyed spending this time with you today. Thank you for sharing it with me. I wish each of you a week filled with health, productivity, fun, and above all, filled with love and inner peace. ) ( ) _.-~~-. (@\'--'/. Colleen ('``.__.'`) `..____.'

    08/10/2002 09:41:36