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    2. Colleen Pustola
    3. Hi everyone, It occurred to me only today (I've been sleeping...) that you're all sitting out there bored... nothing to do... :) CHALLENGE TIME! Now that we've finished The Overland Experience, this would be a good time to tell all of us about your ancestors who moved from one place to another. Did any of YOUR ancestors take the Oregon Trail, or ANY migration route? If so, what's their story? Even if they weren't one of the overlanders, did they move? Spread the word about those pioneering ancestors and BE PROUD of them! :) Also, I realized I neglected our July babies! If you're one of Cancer's/early Leo's children, the family and I would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I wish you all just a SUPER Sunday! :) Colleen

    07/07/2002 04:29:13