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    1. [ARNEVADA] Unknown Lost Photos
    2. Vickie
    3. Hello, My name is Vickie Ortiz and I have recently launched a website called idaphoto in order to identify unknown lost photos that are inherited, found in antique shops, and found after a natural disaster. These are photos that are someone's mother, sister, brother, son, grandparents, great grandparents etc. We are hoping to get as many as possible identified and reunited with their families. The reason we are sending this to you is to let you know we are an available resource to help you with any photos you do not know the identity of. It must be of a person or persons. Also, you can take a look at the photos we do have and see if you recognize anyone? Please see link below. If you see a photo that you recognize would you please contact us at the link provided on the website. Thank you! Vickie Ortiz

    11/16/2013 03:24:51