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    1. [ARNEVADA] Mariah Catherine Crews.
    2. John Cook
    3.   My great  grandparents were Albert S.W. Arnett, and Mariah Catherine Crews. According to her tombstone, Catherine, or Kate, died on March 17, 1913. According to a family story, she died of burns. At the time, I believe that she was living in Nevada county. Is there anyone who can look in the local papers from that time, and see whether there is an article about her accident?       I have much information about the my Arnett family; mostly before they came to Arkansas, in 1819. I have almost none about the Crews family, and will glady appreciate learning more, and communicating with any Crews descendants.                                                                                                                                Thank You;                                                                                                                                John Cook.

    05/20/2012 03:55:44