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    2. This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: CathyJaneStraley Surnames: Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Note that the info I posted earlier shows Wilson Weaver was born in 1788 and that he married in 1813, so I'm not sure to what you are referring in your other question. Regarding your request for where to view the Weaver Bible, go to the SARA website (Southwest Arkansas Regional Archive) and do a search there. I don't think the bible record can be viewed online, but once you have the archive number, you can contact the SARA administrator and inquire about their making a copy to mail to you or other method. If you wish to visit SARA, it's located in Washington, Arkansas in Hempstead County. You can also view or request a copy of the Weaver / Munn entries in Goodspeed's when you talk to the folks at SARA. Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you would like to reply to them, please click on the Message Board URL link above and respond on the board. <br>

    01/03/2014 10:22:45